Lamentation of the Little Death:Resurfacing of the Seraph

A sullen stare from the dark glare of the eyes of the brooding black crow, seeped into my existence as a revelatory reflection of the little death, drenched upon my soul. Tales of a thousand lives, where the well of me unwaveringly wept. Layers of lament, lavishing my soul they swept.  Sworn sorrows, belovedly borrowed, in the cavity of my calving chest they are evermore kept. The void that dwelleth in this bodily vessel layeth in eternal rest. An abysmal vacancy, reverberating echoes endure, dear in this realm your spirit resides as a guest, a timeless treasure found in the divinity of these murky depths.

Whispers from these wandering winds wash over me calmly, cloaking the consciousness of me in clarity. As this bountiful breeze is bestowed upon every fiber of my being ever so  serpentinely, ethereal leaves of the trees begin to cry, soothing me with their ageless stories, momentarily enveloping the essence of me in their ancient glory. A perennial outpouring, as each transcendentally immutable tear floods through the floor of me ever so graciously. Grace bestowed as the frequencies of unfading history unfathomably unfurls into a foretold unfolding.

Harbored in the unvarying havens of this aching heart, solely existing as the only hospitable place of holding. A free flowing of fears unyielding for years, an ever-present epochal foreboding, there lies the undertones of a cataclysmic consoling. Pouring upon every precious piece of me an inspirited reassuring. Coating the chasm within this dark sea with solace laden waves, devoid of withholding. Diverting this sense of impending dread, rescuing the despondent damsel from drowning. Salvaging this soul of me indefinitely. Purifying every demoralized part of me impenetrably. Perpetually lingering within the fiery embers of my memory. A blessed benediction professed for devoutly delivering me. Remnants of this reverenced remembrance irrevocably restores the intrinsically seraphic soul of me.


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