Ode to the Sagacious Soul

Ode to the Old Soul, forever accompanied by the warmth of this wisdom resting within the depths of my soul, filling in these vacant spaces, making me whole, in actuality never alone. Nestled in the timeless trenches of my thoughts, the heavens of my home. A quiet observer to the miracle of this massive stage show, that we call life, marveling as it magically unfolds. Eternally transcending, stepping into our truest authenticity, telling tall tales of story’s untold. Onwards towards this ordained odyssey, destined to break the mold. Savoring the joy found in simple pleasantries, breath taken by the beauty that they behold. Endowed with a deep rooted discernment that all that glitters is not gold. Enamored by the adornments of the ambrosia of life, leaving the essence of me majestically aglow.

Ode to the Old Soul, unable to shake the ubiquitous presence that my essence has ephemerally existed in this space time reality before, indelible memories from my far reaching past, colors the embers of my core. Preciously permeating the soul of me forevermore, most radiant revelations that I am a reincarnate being, a transient earthling, always in the process of refinement, traveling through the trenches towards the path of everlasting enlightenment. A purpose driven passageway, as I endlessly explore. Eternally inquisitive, surrendering to this expansive sagacity, life’s loving lessons lavishing upon me as my spirit washes upon the shore. Delving deep into this ornate oasis, these delicious jewels of discernment, I wholeheartedly adore. Fulfilled by this intangibly felicitous flow of fortune evermore.

Ode to the Old Soul, an esoteric escapist, instinctively sagacious. An architect of our own reality, in tune with our inner alchemy, forever awe inspiringly audacious. Sprinkling wondrously wise words, bestowing a bounty of divine knowledge, nourishing, and nurturing out nation. The emanation of your ever-intelligent insights, inspires the soul of the world with an iridescent sort of illumination. Our collective consciousness cosmically connected to the constellations, reverencing the importance of imagination and incessant innovation. Showered in supremely sweet salvation. Lingering in the liquid love of this liberation.


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