Celestially Silk Woven Silver Lining

Cloud Watching-Paul Hardcastle

Labyrinthine layers looming within the cavernous core of me, cloaked in sheer intricacy, inconspicuous ice crystals vaporize my visibility, momentarily vexing every vessel within every fiber of my being. For storied shadows layeth on the gravel of the ground existing as reflections of the soul of thee. Remnants of you reveling in the ravine, glaring into the ravens gaze, as his harrowing wings hover within the havens of this gloomy haze, a divine diversion from the daunting deluge of this daze. Drifting along, floating through this ephemeral fog, sorting through this self-made smog, soothed by the symphony of this seasonal song, tenderly touched by your tranquil transience, for your vapors shall inevitably vanish, evaporating through the embers of my essence, an ever endearing evanescence.

Consciousness consoled by each carefully crafted cloud suspended in our celestial skies, cosmically caressed as your cadence saturates our sublimely sweet stratosphere, grace bestowed upon our eyes, held in the havens of heaven way up high. Silk woven across our cotton coated skies, oh to be coddled by your conciliatory cries, the tender trenches of our terrain, our precious plains revitalized. A majestic mirage, a mirror image of the divine. Soaring in this sacred sea of serenity, a most sanctified shrine, timelessly transcending in this supreme moment in time. Whisked away in your whimsical wonderment, artfully adrift, enveloped in the ever-present eminence of this angelic ascent, grace bestowed amidst your empyrean essence, enamored by your exquisitely seraphic silhouette. The brevity of your brilliance begets bountiful beauty as the sun sets. Candy-Coated ribbons caramelize our minds eye, timeless trails lingering with tales of a transcendental tryst, betwixt the suns breath taking bliss, and the delicate drizzling of rain droplets, as they drape over my lips, comforted by the incandescence of this kiss.

Captivated even amid the cosmic clarity  of your calming currelean, mesmerized by the magic in every miraculous movement, perennially pleasant. Wandering weightless, blissfully buoyant. Heavenly hymns of hope on the horizon, free floating, felicitously flying, reality reviving. Astoundingly enlivening, enraptured by the radiance of each radiant sun rising, For the darkest hours of the night is but a prequel to prompt for the dawn to commence in arising.Spirit of me expansively enlightening, incandescently inviting, effervescently shinning, levitating in the luminescence of your ever-present silver lining, ubiquitously underlying, your predestined uprising.


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