Serenity Sought within the Sanctity of the Silver Lining

 ~Seeing the silver lining in all that which we see or seem, invokes a salvation that reigns supreme, enveloping ones soul in the sanctity of serenity~

Staring out at the stillness of the great beyond, serenity incessantly longed, consciousness resting within the iris of the eye of the storm, a remote viewing as the core of me is caught up in the torrent of a cyclone, praying that these winds do not persist for long, the core of me helplessly holding on, with every fiber of my being, attempting to remain perfectly still, intently calm. Amidst this squall, a knowingness washes over me, a wise whisper that this vessel that is me was not created to simply coast along, but instead to withstand the waves as they crash in synchronicity, standing tall as the tide rises and it falls, all while surrendering to the bountiful beauty of it all. For hope layeth hidden within the havens of the harbor, even amid the murkiness of the fog. When the moon’s light gleams upon the smog-covered stream at nightfall, even while shrouded in darkness, a part of you shall be drawn to its comely call. There lies an heir of solace in silence where our subconscious lay sprawled, the harmony of a heavenly messenger, a hymn of salvation for us all.

For if all that we see or seem, is but a dream within in a dream, why not take heed to that which is serene, oh sweet soul remain still and you shall see, that the answers to your hearts inquiries shall find you, when you assure to “just be”, for that which you seek is seeking thee. Existing as an undeniably powerful being, bestowed with the glorious power to change things, a co-creator of your destiny, my dear you are the wind beneath your wings, capable of soaring high, an unceasing ascending, yet instill, first you must BELIEVE and all that you wish for, you shall RECEIVE. My dear you were born to fly, you were born free, a reverenced reality that reigns supreme. You hold in your possession the key to your awakening, in order for it to be retrieved, you must delve deep within the depths of your souls storied sea, roping in tales of a timeless eternity, entrenched within your essence for centuries. Where sagacious whispers syncopate in a symphony, a surfeit of secrets serenades your soul ever so splendidly, with an endearing epiphany, a fateful finding that serenity may be sought and found within the sanctity of the omnipresence of the silver lining.

In this divinely grand scheme there lies a rhyme and a reasoning for everything, a tapestry of events with the underlying intent and theme of the ultimate healing. In touch with not just that which is merely perceived on the surface, but an opening of the heart to fully experience the feeling. A sort of love based endurance, a precious push to love harder, more deeply, navigating with ones heart in an effort to see more clearly. For when love abides in your heart, the silver lining shall be ever-present in all of life’s serendipitous happenings. For love is an observable and prevailing presence, an eternal essence that shall never evanescence, existing as the one thing that we are capable of perceiving that transcends time and space, evidence of a higher dimension, of heaven, a powerful indicator of divinity, as such we should trust in its power unwaveringly, so that the loving light veiled within the darkness shall be revealed to thee. Submitting to this protective shielding, on the horizon little more yielding than a remembering, that our hearts cannot be bound by anything, a purification of any thoughts that are limiting, paradigm persists in positively shifting, line of sight drawn to the sanctity of the silver lining, eternally enveloping ones soul in the sanctity of serenity.


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