Interstellar Imploding: A Portal to the Parallel Planes of Divinity

Suspended in this starkly cloaked serene sea, the solitary existence of me, the embodiment of everything, yet nestled in the nape of nothingness, omnipresent oblivion, obliterating every inkling of that which was once thought to be the quintessence of “me”. Now gone without a trace, vanishing into the void of this ever expanding interstellar space, all remembrances of that which once “was”, enigmatically erased. The pervasive question being, how did “I” come to materialize in this illusive interplanetary place? Devoid of mass, devoid of weight, devoid of any discernable sings of a route of escape. Dismally disoriented, dauntingly displaced, unceasingly seeking solace, in this eerie stillness, devoid of grace. The nexus of a reality once known and a reality unbeknownst to me proceed to interface. Core of me, hastily imploding, violently collapsing without delay, coming to grips with this new found reality without haste. For dear life, clinging on to the comfortable shadows that once sheltered me, protected me, a voice whispers to me, surrender before it is too late.

For the life cycle of this once luminous stars life cycle has approached its ending, accompanied by an unseen beginning. A signature of a cataclysmic event that insatiably consumes all shadows haunting the soul of thee, unveiling the lingering light that impalpably paves the way. A steadily revolving region of space, time, reality, a portal for which no one, nor nothing may ever escape. The cessation of this vicious tapestry of events that once evaded the core of me, invokes for the layers of the labyrinth that is me to be liberated, irrevocably set free. Yet instill accompanying this celestial salvation, this unequivocal un-layering, their layeth an incessant call to delve more deeply, an elusive entryway to that which is unspoken, unfathomably unseen. To the idle state of consciousness, appearing to be, sullenly shadowy, unnervingly empty. An imminent intersection betwixt the core of your being and the event horizon, approaching the edge as the essence of thee is inevitably pulled into the intricate cosmic web of the singularity, indefinitely!

At the very center of it all, interlaced with infinity, a remembrance of that which you were called to be. Yet in order to embody this remembrance wholeheartedly, all glints of the once glorified ego must be relinquished, shattered into trillions of pieces, intentionally and willingly. The complex latticework of our consciousness deliberately cloaked in complete darkness, an inconspicuous signal for the collapsing of the egoic mind, a carefully crafted conspiracy you see, a call for change, albeit forcefully, becoming ever closer with our inherent iniquities, yet in still all meant for the overall betterment of thee. For in embracing the ubiquitous shadows of darkness, we vehemently will for ourselves to be free. My dear fret not, for this is the way it was meant to be, a loving legacy written in the stars for our minds eye to visibly see, for without the presence of darkness, luminous stars would be incapable of illuminating our glorious galaxy, our incandescent interstellar sea, where the light is what we always were, the very reason we came to be, and this my dear, always will be, existing as mirror reflection of pure divinity. Don’t believe me? Simply gaze way up high into the vast, far reaching night sky and you shall see with iridescent clarity, that this light reflecting off of the glare of your gaze, is also nestled within the havens of the heavenly heart of the luminous likes of thee.

And so my dear you see, in traversing through the timeless trenches of boundless blackness, in actuality exists as a portal to infinite possibilities, a trail typically untraveled, uncharted territory, mystical mavericks mesmerized by its mystery. Those approaching journeys end through the wormhole, are greeted at the gracious gateway to divinity. An angelic ascension to a parallel time, space, reality, where an ethereal presence envelopes every ember of me, embraced by this enchanted energy, tenderly touched ever so transcendentally. Every celestial current caressing every fiber of my blessed being, pulled into your preciously pleasant plane, an irreversible transfiguration allowing for the havens of my heart to see the heaven that layeth right in front of me. A hope filled halo humming hymns in a harmony, deciphered by my heart space effortlessly, a portal to the parallel planes of divinity, the seraphic soul of me suspended in this stellar sea of serenity. Interminably existing as an incorporeal  being, otherworldly, undeniably unearthly.

© [Diamond Orso] and [], [2016-2017]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Diamond Orso] and [] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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