Placidity By the Sea: A Reflection of Divinity

Essence of this etheric body enveloped in the sheer quintessence of serenity, an incorporeal being actualized as a reflection of divinity.

Embraced ever so tenderly by this ethereal energy, as the spirit of me transcends in this timeless space of tranquility. A sanctified surrendering, peaceably pulled into these precious planes of pure placidity.

Where celestial hymns chyme out in a symphony, as this calmative cadence cloaks the angelic core of me with iridescent clarity, harmoniously in sync with divinity.

As the havens of my heart take heed to the heaven that layeth right in front of me.Whispers from the waves proceed to wash upon the shore of me, ever so graciously.

The seraphic soul of me suspended in the stillness of serenity. A sacred sanctuary by the sea, an idyllic place to be. A reverenced reflection of the divinity that dwelleth within the lovely likes of you, the lovely likes of me.


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