Stillness Soliloquy

Stillness Soliloquy

“To be intimate is to feel the silence, the space that everything is happening in”



Swept Away in the Solace Laden Sanctity of Soundless Simplicity

Sweet Silence Inundating Every fiber of my Being Impenetrably

Surrendering to this Noiseless Sovereignty with Supreme Sincerity,

Honoring This Hushed Symphony with an Heir of Harmonious Humility

Heavenly Hymns Inwardly Heal, a Silent Sonata of Innermost Stability

For this Intimacy with Emptiness is an Ageless Dance with Divinity

Higher Self and Timeless Source Energy Coalesce in Synchronous Synergy.

Ever so Graciously Suspended in Precious Planes of Perpetual Placidity

Ascending into Liquid Layers of Transcendent Lucidity

Re-acquainted with the Entirety of Existence in its Totality

Mollified by its Majestic Immortal Mystery

Such Serene Sacredness, a Stillness Soliloquy

Stillness, Exists as a Voyage Home to our Truest Essence

Silence, a Passageway to the Perennial Presence of the Present

Emptiness, an Entryway to Eternity, an Ever-present Essence that shall Never Evanescence

A Sacred Space of Intimate Impermanence

Cloaked in the Wordless Whispers of Soothing Closeness

Mind, Body, and Spirit Evermore Coalesce, Succinctly Synchronous,

Enfolded in a; Deepness, a Fullness, an Omnipresent Openness

All Egoic Arrangement of Thought Held in Interminable Abeyance

Expression of the Ineffable, an Inexpressible Elegance

An Effusively Spacious Eminence, Innermost Being Besieged by its Unbounded Blessedness

Inundated by Inaudible Insights from the Havens of a Higher Perspective

The Sheer Quintessence of the Incarnation of Intuitive Intelligence

Consciously Aware of the Innerworkings of my Subconsciousness

Nevermore Experiencing States of Unconsciousness,

Evermore Expansively Elevating in Consciousness

A Timeless Transfiguration on the Horizon, the Prelude, a Soliloquy of Perfect Silence.

Stillness Soliloquy

A Quantum Quietness, a Ubiquitous Wholeness that is Evermore Conciliatory.

A Unified Field of Consciousness that is Invariably Vibratory

Offering Waves Upon Waves of Warm Wisdom that are Reverently  Revelatory

Garnished in Eternity’s Everlasting Glory

A Stillness Soliloquy that Professes of Perennially Infinite Potentiality,

As a Part of our; Past, Present, and Future Life Stories,

 the Implicit undertone to this Meditative Allegory

“When you rest in quietness and
your image of yourself fades, and
your image of the world fades, and
your ideas of others fade, what’s left?
A brightness, a radiant emptiness that is simply what you are”



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