Love Laden Unfoldment

Dearest it is essential that you invariably breakdown before you blessedly breakthrough, Dearly beloved, this is unavoidably inevitable, for it is all apart of the beautiful unfoldment of becoming the best and brightest version of you,  its all meant for the betterment of you, the indelible insights that remain are infallibly invaluable, there layeth sweet solace in knowing that you are not alone in this pursuit,  for the divine is evermore with you, lovingly accompanying you, comforting and consoling you even when it appears that much ensues, know that this pathless path was paved just for you, insistent that your precious soul  improves, but first your mind you must loose so that you may become reacquainted with unbounded depths of you, tenderly embraced by the truest essence of you, where endless love and Luminous light timelessly illuminates from within the incorporeal soul of you, a sacred space where it is graciously gleaned that love is indeed the only truth.

When push comes to shove,filter everything through love and you shall inevitably rise above, for dearest when you operate from the frequency of love
You can create your own glorious great Escape within this dreamscape
Heaven on earth and beyond can be yours nary a moment too soon nor a moment too late eluding to an ever endearing existence of enlightened grace, the perfect personification of a perpetually pleasant state. So when push comes to shove, please don’t hesitate. Hold strong to your fervently unwavering faith, for goodness sake, from the depths of your blessed being allow for divine love to emanate, invoking for its tenderly transformative energy to luminously radiate upon all situations it has the power to pleasantly penetrate, powerfully permeate for it shall be your supremely sacred salvation as you walk through liberations’ glorious gates.


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