Emancipatory Purification: A Tale of Transcendent Salvation

A tidal wave of tranquility has washed upon the soul of me ever so tenderly. A Revelation that for the longest time I had been craftily yet forcefully attempting to design my destiny, ever so cautiously and ever so carefully, albeit to a fault, painstakingly, oh how could it be that I myself have forsaken me, I came to realize that in actuality I was being controlling unconsciously, creating my own self imposed sorrow, by clinging on to hopes of the morrow, inadvertently bringing into fruition the one thing I had been foreboding ever so intentionally.

Consoled invariably, by waves upon waves of calmative clarity, a heavenly healing,  the ultimate unconcealing for the deepest pain is revelatory and revealing, bringing to the surface all suppressed feelings, a timeless cleansing of emotional clearing, all doubts disappearing, as I Ease my Uneasiness with Uncertainty and Uncomfortability, on the horizon, I see sweet redemption reappearing enveloped in an Emancipatory Purification that is evermore endearing,

Although upon my past actions I did once solmenly regret I see now that I myself brought my self here to this very moment,as such this healing I myself did beget, coming to accept my transgressions as imperfectly perfect, for those very same actions lead me here, face to face with self created fears, tormented by unshed tears, , shadowy figures that have accompanied me throughout the years as such, apparitions of revelations did appear, now I see through the veil of unsolicted yet self inflicted suffering ever so sheer, a conscious cultivation of self- reclamation this is clear.

Attached to attachments of how I thought things ought be, sight unseen to how things could be, blocking my blessings essentially, you see in actuality I was sabotaging my very own self proclaimed destiny, robbing myself of precious opportunities by clinging to how I envisioned the outcome should be.But no longer, will I be enslaved by illusory insecurities,for  today is the day of Liberation, a supremely sweet salvation, I bring myself back to me, invariably set free, surrendering to the need for control completely, a perpetually uncalculated life in the present is what I now lead, in that way nothing and no one, not even myself can impede, an irrevocable relinquishment from suffering, the missing key to enlightenment indelibly received


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