Black Ivory: The Interconnectivity Betwixt Seeming Duality


Black Ivory,

Treasuring that Which was Birthed out of Tragedy

Amnesia of the Heart, a Compassionless Path that Appears Stark,

Forgetful that the Gifts of Gaia are a Treasured Rarity

A Majestically Masterful Work of Art,

Turning a Blind Eye to the Truth, Imprisoned in an Ignorance is Bliss Mentality

Disconnected and Disenchanted, Worlds Apart

Existing in a Disillusioned Reality, Devoid of Morality, Concocting Unnecessary Rivalries within Our Precious Society

Have we Forgotten the Worth of Who We Truly Are?

Valuing while Simultaneously Vilifying Impassively

How Ever Did We Drift so Far, Off Par?

Black Ivory,

Glorifying that which Originated out of Calamity

Holding the Wrong things in High Regard, Off Target, We Have Clearly Missed the Mark

Saddened by the Fact that Savagery has become a Normality

By the Illusory Powers that be, the Hymns of our Heart, we Have been Taught to Disregard

Enslaved in a Mind State of Sheer Irrationality

Yet no Longer, for it is Time to Raise the Bar

Shrouded in Insatiable Voracity, Drowning in the Depths of Depravity

Within the Hearts and Minds of our Brethren, Wisdom and Empowerment We must Impart

Worshiping a Stolen Commodity, While in Actuality Destroying the very Fabric of our Humanity, so very Contradictory Undoubtedly, Do you See the Irony?

Lets Rally up the Conscious Calvary, Shinning a Light Upon that which Once Appeared Dark, For that which One does unto Another is a Very Reflection of Who They Are.

Black Ivory,

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum Explicitly, yet One in the Same Implicitly

For Black and White are Essentially the Same, A Beautiful Balance of Yin Yang

Praying for the day that Society Wakes up to See with Iridescent Clarity

That Pain Inflicted Upon Others is Also in Essence Their Pain, In Honor of all of The Black Souls Slain, Your Lives Were Certainty Not In Vain,

Interconnected Infallibly, Your Remembrance in our Lineage, the History of our Renowned Ancestry Lovingly Ingrained

Our Power and Sovereignty Reclaimed in your Very Name

As Above So Below, an Amnesia of the Brain, Oblivious to our Inherent Totality, Our Collective Universality, By Reason of Interdependence Coexisting in Supreme Unity and Perfect Harmony

Our Sacred Culture No Longer In Chains, Unbounded, Nothing to Loose and Everything to Gain, For Sometimes the Presence of Pain Invokes for Prolific Change

Love is the One thing that shall Shatter the Illusion of Separateness and Seeming Duality, The Reigniting of our Eternal Flame

Perspective Irrevocably Reframed, A Legacy that Evermore Remains, Existing as the Embodiment of Royalty, as Kings and Queens we Evermore Reign.


The Enchanted Empress

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