Suspended Betwixt Uncertain Certainty: Entwined in the Inexorable Embroidery of Relativity

Suspended in a Sea of Uncertainty, Besieged by Convoluted Complexities

Peacefully Perched Atop a Balance Beam All While Sinking Simultaneously

Breath Taken Away From Thee Unceasingly, Lost in these Lucid Holographic Scenes

Perfectly Poised all while Bursting at the Seems, What Does this All Mean?

Buried Betwixt, Free Will, Fate, and My Self Proclaimed Destiny, Splattered Upon

The Backdrop of this Interminable Reverie, and Incarnate Being of whom Believes in Everything

Simply Because of Its Very Existence there is a Possibility, yet In Still this Ever Skeptical Being Believing

in Absolutely Nothing for how can We Ever Truly Prove the Transient Existence of Anything. Yet in Still

We are Behooved to Look on the Bright Side of Things, Lavishing in Life’s Ever Shape Shifting Brevity,

Elusively Evanescent Day Dreams

Swept Away Amid the “One Truth”, that We are the Proof of our own Proof Essentially, For we are the

Cosmic Shadow That Projects the Very  Existence of our Reality, Phantasms of Lingering Energy That

Coalesces in the Ceaseless Unfoldment of a Incorporated Collective Synergy, a Unconscious Reflective

Interconnectivity, a Mirror Image of Our Inner Multidimensionality, a Timeless Tug of War with the

Truest Essence of You, and the You, that you Choose to Allow to Shine Through.

Evermore Suspended in the Space In Between

Certainly Certain of Nothing

Uncertain of the Existence of Everything

All While Simultaneously Believing that Anything is a Possibility

An Inexactitude that Leaves Traces of an Emptiness Indifference within Me


Unreceptively Craving Conciliatory Clarity

Will Certitude Evermore Be a Rarity?

Whilst thyn Ever be Consoled with Complete Certainty?

Or whilst thyn Evermore be Entangled in the Current Of Dichotomously Convuluted Realities?

Suspended in Virtually Crafted Holographic Scenes, Basking in their Eternal Brevity, a Timeless

Transience that is Highly Serious while Simultaneously Laughably Illusory

A Reflective Relativity, Where Everything is Undeniably as it is Perceived to Be

Entwined in the Inexorable Embroidery of Relativity


A Time Space Reality Where Nothing can Become Something and Something can Become Nothing

In a Heartbeat, But What Accounts for the Space In Between, that Interval of the Unknown that Invokes

for the very Manifestation of Something? This Space of Sheer Uncertainty, & its

Intently Elusively Enticing Qualities Giveth Rise to the Possibility of Anything


For it is this Space in Between that

Giveth Reason to Everything, it is the Root of all Existential Questioning, Evermore Keeps the Conscious

Mind Guessing, Perceiving Both Subjectively and Objectively, a Quiet Observer to the Divinely

Orchestrated Unfoldment Of your Destiny, Free Will the Unconscious Narrator of your Subconsciously Crafted Reverie

Suspended in the Space In Between, Little More than a Dream within a Dream, Contingent Upon the

Inexorable Embroidery of Relativity

A Divinely Luminous Dance, Destiny Inevitably Unfolding, Free will Dwellth  Within the Palm of thyn

Hand, through the Bounds of Time as IT ALL Illusively Vanquishes like Quick Sand, Vanishing without a

Trace, a Fading Away of Frequencies that Evaporate as you Instantaneously Resolve to Glance, an

Interminably Transient Romance, a Transcendent Rendezvous, With Each Incarnation, like Amnesiacs

Fluctuating In and Out of a Trance, all to Experience this Infinitesimally Magnified Perspective, Yet

Again , Amid Each, Ineffable Interval, Ones Awareness, Inexorably Expands, Weightlessly Suspended In

Between Dimensions, Standpoint Incessantly Shifting, As an Observer to this Divinely Orchestrated


an Exquisite Cosmic Evanescence , Each Interstellar Scene Enhanced by thyn very own

Holographic Harmony, a Subconscious Sonata that Leaves its Timeless Traces of Its Melody Indelibly,

Continuous Cosmic Consciousness Interlaced in a Stellar Symphony,  Even Amid the Illusion of Time,

Coasting About in a Seamless Synchrony of Reflective Relativity, One Variable Contingent Upon the

Existence of the Other, an Endless Dichotomy, for one Would not Exist if it Were not For Something, and

therefore Something Appearth to hath Came out of Nothing, and if there is an Existence of an Unknown

Nothing, there is the Possibility of Everything,

~Serenely Seraphic Empress

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