Unreservedly Relishing the Ever Revolving Rapture of Integrating Thyn Sundry Selves

Ceaselessly Oscillating Betwixt Entangled Selves

Dismantling Layers of Disillusionment, Discovering Diverse Dimensions of thynself the Deeper one Deliberately Delves

An Innermost Investigative Voyage, Embracing the Artistry of Becoming Content with Shape Shifting into Someone Else

An Extrication of the Egoic Cloak that is Insidiously Productive, Relentlessly Deconstructive While Simultaneously Constructive, Indubitably Broken Out of Her Snug Shell, Prophetically Pondering Upon What thyn Foreseeable Future Lives Entail

An Uncompromisingly Perpetual Process of Progressive Authentication, Each Manifestation of Self but a Precursor to an Otherwordly Destination, the Possibility of Existing as Someone Else

Prevailing Towards the Prospective Projection of the Immaculate Expression of thyn Higher Most Self

Unreservedly Relishing the Ever Revolving Rapture of Integrating thyn Sundry Selves



An Endless Expansion of Awareness with the Sudden Appearance of Each Shadowy Acquaintance within that Dwells

A Timeless Transfiguration, A Transcendent Transmutation, Felt within Every Fiber of my Being, a Conscious Regeneration of Imaginal Cells

An Irrevocable Renewal of the Heart and Soul, Traces of that which No Longer Obliges thee, Inexorably Expelled, Non Existent to Me, these Phantasms Repelled

Dormant DNA Activated, An Irreversible Spiritual Revival that Ultimately Quells, Insistent that this Ever Evolving Essence Excels

Unreservedly Relishing the Ever Revolving Rapture of Integrating thyn Sundry Selves




An ever so Delicate Blossoming and Blooming on the Inside, the Emergence of Latent Wings, Exquisitely Equipped To Set Sail

By the Imperceptible Winds of Faith, Evermore Propelled, Although the Destination of thyn Journey is Unknown to thee, Onwards towards her Destiny she is Compelled

Transcending into Higher Realms of Existence that are Auspiciously Unparalleled

To the Coziness of Her Comfort Zone, the Cocoon that she Has Always Known, She Must Now Say Farewell

Renunciation of the Contraction Subsequent to Resistance, Accepting of the Mysteries Impending, A Miraculous Metamorphosis of the Soul is What she Foretells

Unreservedly Relishing the Ever Revolving Rapture of Integrating thyn Sundry Selves

~Serenely Seraphic Empress

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