Artistry of Receptivity 


The Artistry of Receptivity is Paved with Patience, Persistence and Positivity

Dearest, trust in that which you cannot see, for your faith ultimately changes the fate of things

All shall come to you in divine timing ,conscious mind consoled with conciliatory clarity

The trick is to believe that it is already yours without expecting anything, a sort of unexpected expectancy

For when we pursue something overbearingly we run the risk of suffocating it, not allowing it to breath

Release and allow if to be free, focus less on the outcome of things, instead focus on the beauty of the journey, the blessed artistry of becoming

Savor each moment as it inevitably proceeds in unfolding, along the way relishing life’s simple pleasantries

Dearest, there is a balance to things, like flowing with the current down a steady stream, in complete harmony with your dreams

Surrender to the flow of your soul without withholding and you can have everything

 like an Alchemist, Magically Manifesting something out of nothing

Transmuting your positive energy into a bounty of materialized blessings

Seek within, not without, for dearest you already have all that you need

Allow for the intuitive whispers of your free will to steer and take the lead,

Refraining from allowing for the egoic self to impede, for we can sometimes get in our own way indeed, blocking the blessings that we were destined to receive


Why do we insist on making something complicated that is in actuality easy, all you have to do is plant the seedling of intention and water it faithfully

Care for it tenderly, await for its growth patiently, a sort of conscious gardening, allowing for a blossoming and blooming, where there were once weeds, a real life fantasy, for you are the hopeful horticulturist of your own destiny

Abundance is yours if you and only if you believe, take a deep breath now beloved, breath,

dearest fully open your heart and soul, prepare your blessed being for heavenly happenings, a plenteous and prosperous reality for which you are wholeheartedly deserving, for the best is yet to come, believe me are you ready to receive?

The Artistry of Receptivity, Embodying an Unexpected Expectancy, an Unwavering Faith in that which one cannot see, the Way Paved with; Patience, Persistence and Positivity


~Serenely Seraphic Empress~

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