Restorative Release upon the Sea Shore



In this instant clear your mind of any illusory mental clutter, as thoughts arise in your mind, allow for them to wash upon your sacred soul, cleansing and purifying like waves upon a sea shore, do not judge them as good or bad, simply observe their presence quietly, as they arise subtly one by one; acknowledge, accept, and release them, whilst allowing for your chest to graciously rise and fall like the tenderness of the tides, breath in dearest, feel the air deep inside, tender heartedly relish the fact that you are alive

Breathe beloved,

Breathe deeply as you; acknowledge accept and release these transient thoughts, with each restorative release; feel your heart gently soften; liquid love and gratitude dripping every where, finding yourself wholeheartedly content where you are in this very moment, grateful for this precious time of tranquil clarity, dearest embrace this space of serenity now treasure it as if it were a rarity


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