Abyss of Bliss

Delving into the Abyss of Bliss

Enveloped in Your Embrace, Beneath Our Body’s We Can Feel the Plate Tectonics Tremble & Shift

Putting My Souls Sanity At Risk

All to Once More to Get a Taste of the Timeless Euphoria of your Lips


Longing to Be with you this Instant

Falling Apart With the Passing of Each Second

Vanquishing like Quick Sand through the Palm of Your Elusive Hand

Who Knew that Subsequent to the Ascent Id Fall Deeper and Deeper into Descent

Breaking into Pieces Amid a Bottomless Abyss


Wondering if You Think of Me as Time Shifts, Through the Bounds of Time Our Souls Slip

Do the Inexplicably Earth Shaking Times Shared Still Tenderly Speak to You in those Silent Moments

Even If I Wanted to, Those Precious Past Times I Could Never Forget, How Could I Erase Embers of Bliss that Made me Feel Infinite?

I Don’t Know About You, But Delving into the Abyss of Bliss Was Worth It

For I’d Sever Every Piece of My Soul Just to Light Your Way Home Across A Million Lifetimes Over and Over Again, of this I am Certain


You stole my heart like a thief in the night, right from the start

Illuminating the most murky corners of my love torn heart

storming upon my soul like a hurricane

an infiltration of liquid love that floods my insides, tearing me apart

trying to stay afloat, while drowning in the cavernous shadows of the dark

Every night my insides ache for you, Wishing I was where you are,

you once light up my night sky like the moon and the stars,

now when I gaze upon the night sky and peer in to the depths of my soul all appears everlastingly gloomy and stark




Lost in the shadowy mist of a disappearing bliss,

longing to once more feel your conciliatory caress as you grab hold of my hips

Bringing salvation to my soul with one tenderly transcendent kiss upon my lips

Its not just your precious presence but your perfectly manifested essence that I desperately miss

Enfolded in your embrace we stopped time, a love that made the plate tectonics shift, suspended in mid air, delving into the abyss of bliss, a frightening feeling that invokes for my insides to tremble and quake, consoled by the cadence of your soul that uplifts

Now all I have are memories to accompany me through the interim betwixt night and day, residual traces of a timeless tryst, yearning to relive those moments in this instant, for it is in those moments I swore we were infinite, you were my very reason for existence




I willingly severed my spirit into a million pieces for you, I bore my exquisitely naked soul to you

Just to form a constellation to light the way home for you, revealing my deepest darkest depths to you, hoping that in time that you would do the same too

I ceaselessly composed love poems to every perfectly imperfect part of you in an attempt to love them like they were my own,

 tending to all of the carefully placed seeds sown, patiently awaiting that day that this love would blossom into the Greatest Love Ever Known

Suspended in this Space In Between, Your Feelings Unbeknownst to Me, An Emotionless Enigma, Evermore Unknown,

 This Deafening Silence Speaks Volumes, Insidious Undertones that Chill Right Down to the Bone, a Ghostly Unrequited Love that Won’t Leave Me Alone

A Hopelessly In Love Soul, Staying Strong in my Faith that no Matter How Far You May Roam that Fate Fueled by Faith Will Always Bring You Back Home

~Serene Seraphim

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