Everlasting Serenity

Waves upon waves of everlasting Serenity
Sinking into the ever expansive soul of me impenetrably
Indefinitely setting my soul free,
embracing the spirit of me ever so tenderly
Eternal essence acquainted with the vast expanse of infinity
Here, I embody the truth of my immortality
an inherent interconnectivity with the existence of everything
For it is in this sacred space of silence where I am acquainted with the boundless being that is me, a rarefied reflection of everything in this time space reality


Flow with the cadence of your soul
You are an immaculate creation, you are already whole
Fully Surrender and wholeheartedly let go
Flow with the rhythm of your soul
The precious parts of Your divine self you must deeply come to know


Move with the Melody of your soul
Soothe your inner most being and allow for your true self to unfold
Allowing your Luminous Light to Shine Through, Oh What Breathtaking Beauty to Behold,spirit evermore consoled


Intertwined with the tenderness of the tides
Feeling there restorative essence, bringing me back to the present, as they rise and fall deep inside
It is here in the moment that my blessed being and the waves collide
Washing upon my soul, a loving feeling of wholeness begins to arise
Gazing way up high into the clear blue skies
As my soul releases all of its worries and let’s out an unremitting cry
Timeless tears endlessly pouring from the deep abyss of my minds eye


Embraced by an omnipresent oneness, a deeply touching feeling internalized
A profound connection with everything there ever was and ever will be reverently  realized
As above so below, as without so inside, interconnected with it all, evermore  harmonized with the divine spirit that resides deep inside, heaven on earth actualized

~Serene Seraphim

© [Diamond Orso] and [PositivelyPeacefulInspirations.com], [2016-2017]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Diamond Orso] and [PositivelyPeacefulInspirations.com] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content

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