Interim of Clarity

Open Your Mind

 and Delve Deep Inside You

Silence Your Mind

Cuz’ Silence Speaks Volumes



There is a feeling like a sound from far away,

silence all incessant subconscious worries and open up to your sacred space,

silence speaks volumes if you take time to listen to what its divine whispers have to say

Quiet the inaudible qualms of your mind and you are well on your way

Retreat into your inner world and mediate,

tenderly embraced by ageless grace

inner spirit and infinity intimately interlaced




Clarity shall soon find you, if you delve deep deep inside you

allowing for those silent sonorous whispers to graciously guide you Allow for the intuitive knowingness of your higher guidance to revive you Ever so gently remind you that the answers you seek reside deep deep inside of you

this may surprise you, but dearest you alone are your own guru

the answers you desire reside within omniscient depths of you



Clarity shall soon arise within you

if you allow for your higher wisdom to transcend you,

silence all subverbal chatter so that the answers you seek may find you

for that which you seek is seeking you,

allow for yourself to be internally soothed,

intimately acquainted with the melodious way your soul moves,

invariably intune with the primordial presence that is you,

an undying dance with the divinity infused with the very essence of you



Hold strong to the imperceptible shadows of faith, for your sanity’s sake,

giving rise to precious peace of mind, ah a gracious great escape,

all undertones of doubt vanish without a trace, irrevocably erased,

eternal essence and timeless tranquility interface,

clarity coloring your core not a moment too soon, nor a moment too late,

suspended in the interim in between is where your blessed being shall obtain the clarity that is so desperately craves



emancipated from the imprisonment of your mind, soul indefinitely saved,

rising out of the insidious enclave that you, yourself made,

liquid liberation now arises without delay,

clarity found within the interim in between

Ah at last safe sweet resolves embrace

Silence evermore your sacred space

~Serene Seraphim


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