Silent Observer to the Souls Artistry

~Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent~



Ever so gently step outside of yourself,

Become a silent observer, remotely viewing yourself

Quite literally perceiving as if you were someone else,

Embrace the essence of your eternal self

Within the core of your undying being it dwells,

Deeper and Deeper into your essential souls self

deeper and deeper you intently delve,

by an unfathomably ineffable force, you are inherently compelled

A timeless silhouette, an ageless shell, intent on realizing ones truest self



Dearest when you are charged emotionally,

be still and Know that those unspoken uncertainties are transitory,

they are not truly yours to keep

Appreciate them for their insightful artistry,

refrain from allowing for them to rule you or consume you, instead allow for them to move through you, and improve you,

for your internal world is reflective of your external reality

silence the wordless whispers of the ego completely,

allow for your soul self to speak,

It has insightful messages for thee, invaluable lessons to teach,



To obtain the release your soul so desperately seeks,

deep within yourself you must reach

Engaged in an emptiness dance that is relieving undoubtedly

An invaluable vacancy,A soundless space where your sacred soul can just be,

Invariably Intune with your inner eternity,

embraced by everlasting epiphanies

cloaking your soul in calmative clarity



Decode your soul and all of its intricacies

Unraveling at the seems, amid the depths of sheer soul intimacy

Seeing the brilliant beauty amid its immaculate complexities,Pulled out of the planes of perplexity

No longer held captive by unconscious convexity

an unequivocal unveiling ,enveloped in an heir of tender self transparency,

equanimity recovered reverently, emancipated indefinitely



 let out a sigh of relief, ah such a restorative release

As you breathe deep, indefinitely swept away at sea

peace pours throughout your blessed being,

As you inhale, exhale and release,

all burdens that once felt unbearably heavy are unleashed,

releasing it all into the deep blue sea, setting your soul free

propelled into the precious planes of profound inner peace

a silent observer to the souls artistry

~Serene Seraphim

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