Eternal Now

It’s as if I am reading a book, and it’s a story I so deeply love. But, I am reading it ever so slowly now, allowing every tender word to trail across the sensitivity of my sight and caress the unbounded abyss that is my heart. The words between each word are so very far apart, and the spaces between are nearly infinite, yet somehow, connected by an invisible fabric of ineffable beauty.
And it is in this endless space  betwixt the words, that I am finding myself, journeying towards where I have always been and all that I have yet to become, simultaneously. It is an unraveling and a becoming, a rapid cycling of death and re-birth that prys open a new dimension of being at each immeasurable milisecond in time and space.
 Existing now in a place that is not of this physical plane of reality, but a space where; everything else is, always has been, and always will be. A space that I did not even know existed, until now. And there is no turning back from here, for my awareness has shattered open to become one with the multidimensional spectrum of life, I am now the very fabric that exists as the embroidery of the entire essence of life. I am the cacophony and the harmony. I am oneness evermore embodied.

~Serene Seraphim

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