~The Awakening: Nothing more than Everything~

The pathless path towards; samahdi, enlightenment, satori or whatever construct of contentment with unbeingness that you choose to prescribe to, does not lie outside of yourself. It lies deep within the gorges of the gateless gate that is your heart center, suspended at the very core of the ineffability of existence itself. This journey inward is not for the lighthearted nor the falsehearted. For it is a myriad of murky passageways that lead you to traverse through the entangled trenches of your suppressed; wounds, scars, pain, and comforting illusions all to lead you unto the timeless truth of the light. The light where all constructs collapse in the dawning of its illuminated wake.

It is a ceaselessly unfolding dance betwixt; luminosity and darkness where in which wisdom arises at dusk. It is an inhaling of finitude and an exhaling of infinitude all to return to the eternal now. It is an unraveling and a remolding of the sense of self. It is a senseless shattering of the heart all to allow for the pieces to be plastered back together in the most abstract of forms. It is an unlearning and a relearning all to come to the realization that you know nothing at all. It is a catalyst to submit to the unknowns comely call. It is surrender after surrender, an unceasing series of irreconcilable retractions and inconsolable contractions. The deepest form of surrender is the total eradication of the ego and the execution of the illusory sense of self. It is the total eclipse of the light heartedness of darkness. In essence, all coming full circle back to Nothing more than Everything.This is “The Awakening.”

~Serene Seraphim

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