One with the Flow of the Unabated UnKnown

And at some point amid the endless unfoldment that is the awakening, your desire to stop desiring ceases to exist. You desire not, for, all underlying urges to desire ceases and desists.Suspended in a precious moment of palpable purity
where you dance with desirelessness and unfurl unto the fully robust fragrance of sheer emptiness. And yet you are whole, for you are enraptured amid the oneness of beingness. A knowingness arises that you can never truly have anything more than THIS MOMENT, for you are THIS, you are IT. For in the here and now; past, present, and future coexist. The incessant need to understand the mysteries of life collapse because you realize you are one with the mystery and all of its magic shall unveil itself as you experience existence.

The unknown begins to call for you as if it were your way back home, no fear exists in its undaunting presence, for you have surrendered yourself to the unabated unfoldment of your souls journey. You finally become content with not knowing, you know that you don’t have to know, and the unknown actually becomes something that you look forward to because it makes life rapturously riveting. It’s as if you are reading a book and you dont know what will happen next, and yet this not knowing, is what keeps you on the very edge of your seat, and at journeys end, you shall sit back and say, Wow that was a wild ride! You begin to transcend thought as you become hip to the fact that life is indeed a “Trip”. In a blink of an eye, something clicks, you realize in an instant Ah, I am “The Trip”. and Instead of tripping over yourself, you have become one with the the flow of the unabated unknown.


~Serene Seraphim

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