The Hearts Inter-Dimensional Destiny

The sensitivity of my vision may be invariably blurry when you leave, yet, your ever distant presence is felt ever so palpably,
imperceptibly ingrained within the tender embers of me,
I swear it’s as if you are right here within me, enlivening my lungs, in every breath that I breathe
You feel into the unabated depths of me impenetrably.
even at a distance, you see, for I can clearly see reflections of you within the essence of me
A reverent recognition that echoes out into infinity, through the unconfined bounds of time our souls unceasingly unraveling, sort of like interminably time traveling.

For, you transform ephemerality into eternality everlasting
Disconnected from you physically yet, in every waking realm it is you that I see, douced upon the endless scenes of a dream within a dream
for we are connected energetically, communicating via heart telepathy
A quantum entanglement of love that enraptures me indefinitely
Evermore a timeless tease, an inter-dimensional dance that brings me to my very knees, forevermore flirting with the hearts destiny


~Serene Seraphim

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