The Un-mysterious Mystique of Soul Searching

Soul searching is in essence the quintessence of unfurling ones heart unapologetically

it is an unequivocal unveiling that allows for you to stand strong in your supreme soul

truth as if you were indestructible, in this space of grace you are humbled, for you

have become intimately acquainted with that which makes you, you, a precious place

where there is absolutely nothing to prove, where any and all things become possible,

for you are irrepressibly stepping into simply being the most veritable version

of you. It is an unchangeable undoing that creates space for your luminescence

to shine through, it is an unbridled unfolding, intent on a most reverential remolding

where every precious aspect of you may commence in unceasingly flowing, little

to no divine facets of you left to withholding, for you were designed to unrelentingly

keep evolving, ascending and growing, and if you follow this path you shall assuredly

escape the seeming tedium of the simulation of life; rising, shinning, and glowing.


Once you grant thynself access to the reverent realm of living and breathing form the

unbounded domain that is your authentic truth, there is no turning back, for it would

be gravely vexing to travel back in time to the former you, with the previously

finite view, for once one’s ever expansive spirit is exposed to a new dimension of

beingness, it is unimaginably impossible to retract nor contract, because you know that

deep down inside, this shall not serve you to experience thriving as the greatest version

of you.  And as you embody this understanding, thyn heart and soul shall be invariably

soothed, unshakeable, unable to be moved. For that which you now know is unable to be

unlearned, you realize that you have become one with that which is seemingly

unknowable. You come to a place in time in space where you seek not, where you

desire not, where you simply engage in an ageless dance with the here and now,

and all of your hearts desires miraculously flow towards you, for that which you seek

is seeking you. You become ONE with the mysteries of life, because in essence the

MYSTERY is YOU. The sheer mystique of life shall inevitably disclose itself to you as you

allow for the enamoring experience of life to seamlessly move through you.

~Serene Seraphim

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