~Delving into the Inter-Dimensional Intersection: The Divine Directive of the Sacred Heart Connection~

Interactions with perceived other can be invariably sublunary, undoubtedly draining, And yet steeped in the breathless essence of your everpresence is restoratively soul sustaining. For when silence speaks for the unspeakable, there is no need for mental reframing, no need for nearly imperceptible feigning. For you see through to the soul of me with sheer transparency, a tender space devoid of  the inane need for explaining.
 Transcending the convoluted realm of thought, for it is the havens of thyn heart that you are retraining, to feel deeply without refraining. Profusely pouring out unto thee the hymns of my heart, delving into an interdimensional intersection, depth of perception irrevocably reframing.
 A sacred connection guided by divine directives, for which there is no need for abstaining nor any room for restraining. For it is sinking into this unfathomable feeling alone, that is assuredly liberating, ineffably amazing. I can sense my heart beat uncontrollably racing and my vibrations irrevocably raising, as my soul self begins incessantly quaking, ah to bask in this all consuming euphoria without hesitation nor agitation, for there is a soothing quality to this irrepressible spiritual shaking.
Flowing as one with the inextinguishable fire within raging. A ferociously indecipherable force for which, there is absolutely no containing, no earthly way of taming. For it is an undeniable encounter with the divine, once experienced, nevermore fading nor decaying, evermore rapturously reigning.An undoubtable understanding of our true sanctified nature at this inter-dimensional intersection in space time, is that which we are consecrating.

~Serene Seraphim

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