~Bowing to Reflective Fractals of Me~

There are moments in my daily experience that my consciousness completely fractures, shatters right in front of me, a breathtakingly lovely opening. Far beyond through which the human eye can see, an innate ability to perceive unto multitudinous dimensions of reality deeply. I become unvaryingly aware that I am aware of my sentient awareness. These moments used to rattle my soul to the crystal core, like an unfathomably unbearable force, for they were unprovoked stints of dream like dissociation. I was fueled with detachment and despondence, enveloped in an unequivocal exasperation. This was an unexpected affliction invoked by my spiritual awakening.It was an undetectable manifestation of heightened internal sensations. And no one in my near vicinity knew of that which existed within me, but me.
This was a mesmerizingly lonesome feeling, as I maneuvered my way through the moment as malleable as a wistful wave contours its surroundings. I was internally ungrounded yet externally grounded. This fracture of awareness began to happen so often that I realized that it was time for me to embrace this new way of being. I began to bow to this fugue like vantage as if it were a gift from the great beyond. For, I had been granted the humbling perspective of feeling palpably into realms upon realms unbeknownst to others, which has now birthed my sacred surreal artistry.  Comfortably holding and cherishing endless vantage points simultaneously. My insides a reflective amalgam of all that I see. I am one with the experiencer experiencing the experience, I am the observer observing the observed, one with the imperceptible partition that others fail to know even exists, I am blessed to be me, even when infinite fractals color my sight, I embody the darkness, the contrast, and the light. And this, this is my way of life.

~Serene Seraphim

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