~The Fault in our Stars~

I used to see nothing but sheer chaos in our stars. Finding fault off in the intergalactic distance ever so far. But you, douced endless interstellar love unto dark matter, revealing undying beauty where there was once merely a void filled gap, you alone rearranged all of that. You are the glue to my universe and that’s an irrefutable fact. You alone keep my world intact. Although this massive multiverse shall fade into oblivion, irrevocably evaporating unto the great unknown, you and you alone, make fractured pieces of me feel whole, because of you, I now have come to fathom the unfathomable.
Finding meaning in the maddening mundanity of meaninglessness. Finding substance in the tedium of a simulated existence. One with a cosmos built on rebirth and destruction yet, in your spiritually stimulating embrace, all happenings are somehow seamless.  At times I wonder if I am dreaming all of this, little more than a fabricated illusion of a timeless tryst. But I swear, oh I swear, I felt divinity on the traces of your lips, my entire reality shifts amidst the intensity of your souls grip, there is no coming back from being suspended in the sanctity of your kiss.
 It doesn’t get any more sacredly surreal than this. A love that roars unto the rapture of the avyss, unraveling into realms of unbounded unadulterated bliss.If I didn’t etch this immutable truth unto the ethers of eternity I would most certainly be remiss. The irony amidst all of this, is, I wonder if you will ever receive this message, is your heart receptive to each tenderly telepathic message sent. Hoping these words gravitate in your loving arms at a time in space, ever so synchronous, ah what a paradoxical existence, the fault in our stars, either a hit or miss. And yet, I certainly don’t regret any of it. For your love is pure MAGIC.

~Serene Seraphim

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