~Whole Man: Beyond the Hollow Hologram~

I don’t desire precious; pieces, parcels, and fractals of a man, characterized by unconsciously compartmentalized constituents, vying for his undivided attention.
For I wish to garner the most of my experience with you as deeply as I can. How oh how can I explore terrain that is invariably vacant?
I desire to feel palpable wholeness within the very palm of your hands. A love so wildly vibrant, submersed in a chasmic cauldron, consumed by ferocious flames that our luminous souls could barely withstand.
Now that I am in harmony with me, a visceral integration indeed, satiated by a self love so deep, far greater than I could ever believe. Above and beyond that which the mind can come to comprehend, for it is a feeling of which only the heart may come to overstand as it expands
I am undeniably done with the fractal dance, one that flickers into existence, vanquishing right before my blessed vision like quick sand. Existing as nothing more than a hollow hologram.
Soul starved, as I attempt to extract nourishment from the bowels of barren land. That was fine in a past life,but as of now that is not in “this life’s plan”
For, I have been graced with a taste of the holy land. A soul sustaining connection that stimulates me, intimately imitates me, invigorating yet satiating, basking in his reflective presence, worthy to be held with the utmost reverence, entranced at a glance by a spiritually whole man.

~Serene Seraphim

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