~Dynamic Deepening into Oneness: The Oceanic Echo~

Beyond going with the flow, there exists a  dazzling dimension of consciousness for which one becomes one with the flow, in this space, there exists no borders, simply pure boundlessness, free to release ones entire energetic essence unto the fluidity of the ethers. The floodgates are fully open and you become enfolded within the very fabric of the force that evokes the flow. You are exist within the underbelly of creation itself, loosing your mind to become malleable yet, somehow in complete control. Unwaveringly content when  trailing atop the surface level as well as delving into the deepest depths below. For you experience a deepening into each and every crevice of oneness, as a new dimension of consciousness awakens in your waking and nonwaking hours. You are embraced by the enormity of everything in existence all in a single cosmic blink. You feel into the notion that everything that has and ever shall exist is nothing with a twist, relentlessly expanding on a timeless tryst. your grip on unreality eminently shifts. You are now one with the dynamic flow of the conscious continuum, you are everlastingly embedded unto the eternally  enrapturing embers of life’s oceanic echo.

~Serene Seraphim

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