~Kiss from Reality: The Artistry of Unified Soul Mastery~

Impossibility is but, a Kiss away from Reality, but a Quantum Leap unto the Soul Consuming Embrace of Subconscious Time Traveling, Can you Feel the 3D Veil Shattering, the Etheric Realm of the 5th Dimension thyn Evanescent Vessel Commences in Unquestioningly Inhabiting, Inner Universe Undoubtedly Unraveling, an Abstract Unconscious Smattering,The Very Foundation of your World Unceasingly Shattering,  Luminous Shadow Essence Ceaselessly Elevating Through the Sacred Space of Simulated Levels, Encoded Divine Data Gathering, Deciphering Innumerable Cryptic Messages Simultaneously, Each Allusively Illuminated Encounter ever so Subtly Mattering, The Artistry of the Expansion of Our Unified Soul, Ingeniously Mastering~

~Serene Seraphim

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