~The Cure~

You are breathtakingly beautiful, simply in the way that you move
It’s the little things that you do,
That others may view as insignificantly miniscule
Those invaluable things, that cause my soul to rise in love with you
For I feel into the decadent depths of you
Ah your entrancing essence downright delectable
I could rest and abide in each and every crevice of you, sinking into every groove, if you’d allow me to become one with the luminous likes of you
Undoubtedly a love drunk dream come true
Resting and abiding in the realms of heaven that dwelleth within you
When my heart chakra bleeds for you, you infiltrate through, at high pursuit
An inter-dimensional love that transcends all that I thought I once knew
A high potency dosage of you, to most, nearly intolerable, but I can handle every last ounce of you, my psyche ever so sensuously soothed, for you were made for me, just as I was made for you, the more I get, the more I want to “use”, I am no addict, but to the likes of others I am unamused, invariably immune, you are the psychedelic cure, my medicinal muse.


~Serene Seraphim

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