Tempting Fate

Tempting fate,
Caught betwixt a destined destiny that seemingly can’t be escaped
Through the life line of innumerable life times, our stories interlaced
I’ve felt your essence before in a past life, I could never forget your souls timeless taste,
Resting in my memory bank, remnants of you retraced
Something like an eternal echo emanating eons ago, that could never be erased
Within the havens of my heart, lovingly encased
I see through you, you see through me, like peering through reflective velvet lace
A fated love that could never be replaced
With you I feel, Forever in a day
An ageless space, I could never vacate
For there is in actuality no route of escape
You somehow show up not a minute to soon nary a moment too late
Here, I levitate at a metaphysical interface
Where our hearts tenderly communicate
And yet, I wonder how our earthly free will shall come into play
For, forever is but one of many endless probable possibilities, which path shall we take?
Is it, our destiny that we shape, a dream like reality we consciously create or a grandiose divine scheme, destined to be, like me collapsing into your ever abiding embrace post haste, for loves sake, an undying bond that no one, nor anything, could ever ever break. For we come ALIVE in one another’s wake
something like an internal earthquake, I can feel the ground beneath my feet begin to shake, undoubtedly dissipates, the ancient way of being evaporates, its my DNA that you activate, your love the sole reason, I am spiritually AWAKE
Tempting fate

~Serene Seraphim

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