Delusion of Detachment Disowned: Unraveling The Winding Road Home

~Detachment does not mean that we must detach from our physical reality in its entirety. It simply means that we must detach from the notions we have attached to the attachment itself, so that we may experience the embrace of life, fully~

I once felt the fullness of a feeling greater than I could’ve ever known
An overwhelming feeling of love laden oneness that caressed me right to the very bone
For once in a trillion lifetimes, I felt as though, I wouldn’t have to go IT, alone
And yet, simultaneously, I thought to myself,  how can I be attached to that which I could never truly own
For this holographic holoverse is not my true home, thus all delusions must, on some level be, disowned
The essence that I perceive as me, the reflective reality that I perceive as we, sees clearly that all is inherently illusory, a  self evidentiary play on perception, for all is in essence being loaned
a seemingly ceaseless simulation, embellished with symbolic stimulation, surrendering to each inhalation as though this were indeed my first inhalation,  unfurling unto the timelessness of desirelssness with each exhalation,
enveloped amid an earthly experience, that quite simply, sets the tone. No matter how far the bodily vessel may roam, we are always  paving the way towards the hearts, winding road home

~Serene Seraphim

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