Without you, I’m glitching
Flooded with fallible friction
Strangled by intangible tension
Indeed, an unfathomable affliction
Only you can invoke such an insufferable infliction
I can sense the solidity of my sanity slipping

Thoughts far and away, drifting
Foundation beneath my feet shifting
Insides flinching, core of me cringing,
no room for pretending, I’m descending
Drowning in a dismal sea of tears, minds eye, ceaselessly dripping
Grasping at threads of time, insidiously disappearing from the very palm of my hand when I am not paying the slightest attention,
yet in still, insufferably intent on gripping,
a  love that is inconspicuously unrelenting

In your absence, my frequency persistent on glitching
In your presence, our resonance re-calibrated, nestled in a space of non-resistance
Ah everlasting inter-connectivity, a conscious decision, based upon mutual intention
A reverent reality of our own invention, a harmonious existence to envision, an infallible euphoric vision, our hearts make an incision into realms of a higher heavenly dimension, perpetually entrapped in loves perennial prism


~Serene Seraphim

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