Artistry of Energetic Realignment

Step One: Neutrality

The moment you feel that your soul is out of alignment, STOP, shift gears to NEUTRAL. Return your being to the present moment and take full notice of what is transpiring internally.

Step Two: Non-Judgement

As your awareness is directed inward, be sure to refrain from judging the situation, yourself, or any external forces involved. Simply take the time to keenly take notice.

Step Three: Retrace your Train of Thought 

Silently ask yourself, what thought initiated this maelstrom of misalignment? Acknowledge this thought, and simultaneously release it with the knowing that you are in fact, NOT your thoughts.

Step Four: Acceptance

Embracing clarity of mind, open your inner being up to wholeheartedly accept the truth of that which is unfolding, in the NOW.

Step Five: Real Time Action

Upon an unhindered acceptance of that which “is”. Consciously bring your awareness to the present moment, taking time to breathe in the essence of the eternal now. Instead of expending energy fretting, own the existent energy. Focus on locating a space for which you may positively effect change, thus shifting the energy of your current circumstance. Whilst, simultaneously surrendering control to aspects of the situation not under your direct control. Knowing that you always have the power to alter the way that you feel about a situation by changing the way that you respond.

Step Six: Gratitude

Now that you have shifted into a lighter space of being, Celebrate your ability to affect your inner world so that your outer world is aligned with your highest good in mind. Lastly, shift your attitude to a state of purely unadulterated gratitude. Honor yourself for all that you are and all that you have the possibility of becoming by expending your valuable energy in a positive vibratory direction.

~Serene Seraphim

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