~Higher Vantage of the Heart Space~

Although nestled within the cozy crevices of your chest cavity,the heart embodies ingrained wisdom that reaches far beyond your bodily vessel. Existing as an electromagnetic field connected to the sphere of the ethers within and without, emanating it’s effervescent energy infinitely outward,beyond that which the eye perceives.Your heart center is in essence an intuitive emotive compass that assists in guiding you through interactions with both self and perceived other. It’s purpose, to be utilized for the reflective restoration of inner and outer compassion.

On many an occasion, when something unwanted occurs in our etheric field, whether this was incited by an outside source or from our very selves, we react with insidious judgement. However, this is simply ego oriented reactivity, to detected dissonance amidst our reflective reality.A key means by which to re-establish energetic resonance within and without is to, take a quantum pause, to interface with your heart space. For, when we feel through the heart center, we engender a higher level of awareness. Capable of to seeing far beyond, surface level happenings. We are far less reactively trigger happy, when we come to the reverent realization that all that transpires in the 3D physical realm is but a reflection of ones inner emotive 5D universe. And at our truly marvelous core, we exist as pure intentioned sentient beings.

Any acts falsely appearing, to be laced with malice, are simply hurts in disguise. And this, it is of the utmost importance to veer deeply into the undertone of another’s actions before judging or reacting with malice in return. For, in doing so we become unknowingly involved in a rapid recycling of negativity. In turn only using our energy to fuel a vicious cycle of unwarranted behavior. Responding with love transmutes this cycle and is essential for the expansion of individual and collective consciousness. For, we are able to tune into, the true ,reality by coming to a greater inner standing, garnering a. more calmatively comprehensive level of awareness.

You, can be that vessel of change by extending tender inner standing and compassion to yourself. And this lighthearted energy shall radiate within the very fabric of your interactions and reality as a whole. For the way in which the entire cosmos responds to us is contingent upon how we treat and respond to our selves. When you realign with the harmonic resonance of the heart,you and your desired reality are never far apart.

~Serene Seraphim

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