Heart Impressions

~Here is my secret. It’s quite simple: One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.~

Inextricably suffused amidst the quantum quiet elation, that is LOVE, one is ever so graciously granted access to the boundless abyss of abiding intelligence that timelessly sits and awaits to be reverently recognized. A warmth of wisdom ever so dearly presented to our spirits in the formless form of endless layers of encoded divine data. Felt as depth charges or psychic impressions that reverberate beneath the sheer surface of the awakening soul. For it is when the heart is fully opened to its very own boundless compassionate, loving energy, that seeming boundaries proceed to dissolve and intuitive information begins to arise.
The route of the heart is indeed a gentle and safe passageway to traverse. When we begin to consistently connect with ourselves and others from this rich, tender and open-hearted space, we embrace the expansion of our psychic senses. When from a place of strength and wellbeing, we allow for our normally limited sense of self to liquify, we are allotted the gracious gift of taking on the entirety of the world and every intelligent loving, vibrating particle in it. The whole universe may fit easily into the vast, boundless space of the open heart and there’s room indeed to spare for several galaxies more. It is here, that we view the true picture of exactly who we are. And the view is unquestionably stunning.
There lies absolutely no room for cruelty amidst the vast, rich territory of the heart, no need for power nor ascending over others. For, the heart in its very essence is the meeting of heaven and earth, and therefore, the entryway unto enlightenment. It is a space of transformative nourishment, ever enduring empathy and undying kindness. And so, the open heart is a virtuous place to cultivate and inhabit, in and of itself, each and every one of us could use more time in its generous spaces. I can only hope that this deeply touching passage has opened the sacred chambers of your heart a little wider and has brought you into closer contact with the ineffable mystery, the unending intelligence, the compassionate omniscient wisdom and undeniable magic that is all around and inside each and every one of us

~Serene Seraphim

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