~Evoking the Souls Lover~ 

My essence is unashamedly attracted to the underworld of fruitfulness. Undoubtedly drawn to an expansively sensuous space where the ultimate seduction is not accomplished by something obvious, but achieved by that which is dark, sweet, and in seed rather than fully matured. Hopelessly drawn into intimacy by possibility intermingled with the probability of fantasy, by the promise of things to come that the consciousness could barely bare to fathom, and perhaps by the power of a palpably phantasmic seduction that is darker than the bright reasons for which we may admit. Darkness in this context hints more towards unadulterated mystique, a deep desire to more comprehensively tap into the untamed, inherently unseen light that dwells within the abyss of darkness. Unveiling the light in the darkness invokes for a deep ancient healing and an irrevocable clarity of the third eyes sight. Giving way to accessing the ultimate intent of evoking the sustained revival of the souls lover, in its purest form.


~Serene Seraphim

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