Beyond the Illusive Veil of Illusion

Once one completely releases from the resistant grip of ego, you’ll clearly see yourself in others. For others shall serve as reflectors of the scattered spectrum of light that is your ubiquitous being. It is here that you shall commence in seeing through the eyes of the everpresent silent observer that is formless, infinite, deeply embedded in the entirety of all of existence. This is the eternal sea of consciousness, a space of pure awareness, originating from the same source of ALL, where in which everyone is me, they just don’t know it! This truth exists far beyond the illusive reach of the veil, and even deeper still, these metaphoric veils are illusory in nature, for they are, in their simplest form. synonymous with the perceptual proclamation of the opening of transcendent gates towards inevitable expansion.

Veiled in the metaphors of Illusion and Time is the truth about who we are.

Within the metaphysical fabric their dwelleth symbolic veils of illusion, for what you see is not really there, as all is merely projections created by thought consciousness for the sake of experience. The presentation of veils of illusion are part of the program of our reality brought forth in the metaphoric symbology. The veils naturally evaporate as the truth is revealed. Dissolution of the veils is equivalent to raising in levels of consciousness, frequency of thought, in essence to come into balance and complete awareness. Mysteries are veiled in secrecy. Veils shroud or distort the truth. The ‘spaces between’ the grid programs of reality are veiled by our thoughts which are bound within physical illusion

~Serene Seraphim

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