Entangled Extrication


The answers to your deeply perceived problems lie buried beneath the floorboards of the wounds that we embody. We must collapse into the chasm of our hurt so that we may further facilitate purification. Healing is a delicate dance of devotion between effortful surrender and effortless release, willfully cascading within the crevices of our very core, we tempt our soul selves into disentangling the tangled, tempering the charges that give timeless triggers their very life force, consequently allowing for resurrection and expansion to coalesce, subsequently reaching far beyond the bondage of narratives past, hovering in the harbors of our pain bodies, we inescapably soar above to higher heights, invoking for a coherence of ones inner space, reflected in outer space as a new and improved expression of thyn souls essence perennially painting on the horizon of our hearts sights, levitating atop the liquefying flow of life, we take flight, with love as our guiding light.





~Serene Seraphim

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