Equation of Eternal Equanimity


I can sense the sentient pane freeze

Yet sight set on fluid seas

Riddled with no absolutes, nor guarantees

The future isn’t clear

Through the looking glass I peer

Shifting my intuition into full gear

The truth is made sheer

Guided in the space of THE NOWS atmosphere,

A timeless leap from there, to here

In the presence of the present, All doubts disappear

Devoid of fear, to thyn faith I doth adhere

Guided by the souls ancient history

It all starts with a silent inquiry

To discover the door to mystery

Close the eyes to see vividly

Subtle signs dwelleth in your periphery

Encoded are coherence patterns to decode interference patterns

thus setting the entirety of the soul free

Unlocking the encrypted equation of 

eternal equanimity to decrypt your destiny



On Sale Now!  Equation of Eternal Equanimity: Dream Diary



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