Transcending Life Lessons Bespeaks Soul Progression


Dearly beloved, earth is your school and class in session,

the way paved with the purest of intentions,

often times sight unseen, blinded to our blessings

Ceaselessly searching for the message


that the soul of the world is manifesting

in due time, when stillness washes upon the mind

garnering a space of introspection

there shall be no second guessing


for a deep seated knowingness arises,

a revelation, that all of life’s most loving lessons are

meant for the sole purpose of our soul progression

not solely an individual advancement, but as a collaborative effort

 for the elevation of our conscious collective

harnessing a harmonious higher perspective

Consciousness Caught in the Current of Recurring Life Lessons

Externally Perpetuating Emanations of Inward Projections

Their Unrelenting Nature, Evermore Pressing, Halted at an Intersection

All of that Which no Longer Serves the Soul of you, Called into Serious Question

The Soul of the World Beckons ones Undivided Attention, An Aide Memoire to take Time for Conscientious Self-Meditation, A Reverenced Stint of Introspection

For Delving Within, is the Sole Way to Expand ones Overall Awareness and Perception

Forsaking the Need for Defense Mechanisms as a Form of Self-Protection

No Stifling Sense of Repression, no Egoic Interjections, Immediate Detection of the Egos Insidious Deception

Mastering the Art of Interception Prior to the Conception of Inception, Unnecessary Suffering Proceeds in Lessening

Becoming Cognizant of ones Truest Essence, Intimately Acquainted with ones Perfectly Positioned Imperfections

Evoking an All-Encompassing Acceptance that these Lessons are Riddled with Timeless Wisdom, Manifesting for our Advancement, a Highly Intelligent Expansion

Not only as Individuals but as a Conscious Collective, Evolving in a Transcendent Sort of Succession,

A Collaborative Elevation, Unified Ascension the Ultimate Destination

For Transcending Life Lessons Bespeaks the Soul of the Worlds Progression.


Existing as Heavenly Heralds, Bearing Messages that the Soul of the World Proceeds in Graciously Professing

These Ever Present Life Lessons Placed in Divine Order for the Sole Purpose of our Soul Progression

On the Surface Appearing Unbearably Unsettling

An Artfully Disguised Blessing, Without Question

Leaving an Indelible Impression, a Learned Digression

Not Meant for Regression, but for our Spiritual Development

And so Dear Soul, when you Feel as Though you are Paralyzed at an Intersection

Take time for Reflection, Allow Stillness to Wash Upon the Soul of You and there Shall Will be no

Second Guessing, that these Life Lessons Serve as Shields of Unwavering Protection,

Each one, a Timeless Resurrection, in Retrospection, Soul Refreshing

The Way Graced with the Purest of Intentions, Guiding you in the Right Direction, with Divine Discretion



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