Artistry of Energetic Realignment

As ones stream of consciousness endlessly traverses throughout the metaphysical soap opera deemed as life, there rests intersections that we must journey through. We may find loopholes, however, at some arising moment in space time, we must travel through the interim of irrevocable change. During these times of internal spiritual rearrangement, our physical vessels experience it as energetic misalignment. In these times, we are called to RE-CALIBRATE, to RE-ACCLIMATE, allowing thyn essence to vibrationally align with life’s expansive pace. If you are in need of a frequency re-set, this journal serves as an intimate place for you to disentangle yet simultaneously embrace your souls current space! Including a 6- Step system reboot so that you may energetically realign the soul and the mind, with an heir of grace.

On Sale Now! Artistry of Energetic Re-Alignment Journal 

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