~Expansion in Disguise~

We are invariably attracted to expansion in disguise

The most unadulterated essence of self, echoing out to be irreversibly realized

With each relational dynamic experienced, a deeper aspect of soul actualized

Subsequent to, each interpersonal interaction

Reverent redemption irrevocably internalized

Quantum healing, traversing across the timeless span of lifetime upon lifetime

In the grips of electromagnetic intimate reflectivity

Assure to be guided by thyn hearts internal eyes

A causative form of refined connectivity, intensified

An awakening of pure innocence revived

Releasing all ties with that which prevents for the spirit to fly

As you proceed to eternally rise

Becoming lighter ever so lighter, as gravity is defied

A higher love immaculately conceptualized

The sacrosanct symphony of divinity indisputably amplified

A deepening gaze unto the undying iris of the beloved, clearly visualized

Seamlessly aligned with a destined rendezvous

Here, the essence of me, the essence of thee, perpetually coincides,

existing in harmony, as we, there is no divide

Immaculately materialized, by divine design

Seemingly unknowingly magnetized towards implied expansion in disguise


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