Be Enlivened by the Ineffable Power that Spirit Doth Possess

As this Potent Pairing of High Vibrational Heaven-Sent Scents,

Grants yee Access to Souls Zenith

May it’s Highly Rousing, Holy Oudh Oil Base

Allow the Expanse of yee Psyche to Pry Open the

Glorious Gateway to Inconceivably Empyrean Spaces

It’s very Essence Serving as an Etheric

Rite of Passage unto Diaphanous Domains

Enticing Enlightenment into Being. Whilst,

Grounding Omniscient Hymns of the Higher Most

Chakras into an Embodied Symphonic Stream

The Enamoring Accompaniment of Enrapturing Rose Essence

Softly Strengthens the Heart

Tenderly Stabilizing Blessed Harmonic Balance

Arousing the Gracious Guidance of Faultless Flow

Heart Becomes Centered in the Flourishing Fulfillment of it’s Purpose

Whilst, Souls is Supported by Elysian Synchronization of the Highest Spiritual Order




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