~Valence of Vibrance~

Directly Quoted from Serene Eminence’s Most Recent Publication, 


Inviolably Involved

~Chapter XVI: Valence of Vibrance~

When you allow for the positive valence of optimism to encapsulate your disposition, you self-assuredly situate thyself in proximity with that which enlivens and bolsters an illuminated state of being. You are subsequently inclined to sustain an openness to seizing opportunities that embolden thy essence as yee traverse further with contented clarity. Elucidated and lucid, yee must remain deeply grounded in the dimension for which yee currently exist as to maneuver in seamless accordance with every manifest facet at your disposal. Whilst simultaneously yet faultlessly allowing for the realm of spirit to serve as your indivisible supervisory guide, which further establishes connectivity with the realm of manifest miracles.

With all faculties in proper order and mechanistic means of fine-tuning overall functionality in place, one gains access unto an unimpeded pathway that leads directly to a most merited, optimum reality. Upon appearance, the sheer alignment may very well send confirmatory shivers down your spine. Corporeally, making its perfected spiritual configuration known, to viscerally synergize & inextricably integrate with the ever presence of your harmonized beingness.

This enthralling spiritual shift exists as an emotive entryway unto illuminative experiences. You have now indivisibly infiltrated the metaphysical field where vibrancy permanently permeates through each and every sacrosanct happening. As the impeccable potency that is your purified power propels your arising potentiality into insistent kinetic motion towards rapturous wonderment.

~Valence Gravitationally Draws in that which it is Vibrationally Calibrated with~


Serene Eminence

~Serene Eminence Consultancy LLC~

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