Artistry of Receptivity 

The Artistry of Receptivity is Paved with Patience, Persistence and Positivity

Dearest, trust in that which you cannot see, for your faith ultimately changes the fate of things

All shall come to you in divine timing ,conscious mind consoled with conciliatory clarity

The trick is to believe that it is already yours without expecting anything, a sort of unexpected expectancy

For when we pursue something overbearingly we run the risk of suffocating it, not allowing it to breath

Release and allow if to be free, focus less on the outcome of things, instead focus on the beauty of the journey, the blessed artistry of becoming

Savor each moment as it inevitably proceeds in unfolding, along the way relishing life’s simple pleasantries

Dearest, there is a balance to things, like flowing with the current down a steady stream, in complete harmony with your dreams

Surrender to the flow of your soul without withholding and you can have everything

 like an Alchemist, Magically Manifesting something out of nothing

Transmuting your positive energy into a bounty of materialized blessings

Seek within, not without, for dearest you already have all that you need

Allow for the intuitive whispers of your free will to steer and take the lead,

Refraining from allowing for the egoic self to impede, for we can sometimes get in our own way indeed, blocking the blessings that we were destined to receive


Why do we insist on making something complicated that is in actuality easy, all you have to do is plant the seedling of intention and water it faithfully

Care for it tenderly, await for its growth patiently, a sort of conscious gardening, allowing for a blossoming and blooming, where there were once weeds, a real life fantasy, for you are the hopeful horticulturist of your own destiny

Abundance is yours if you and only if you believe, take a deep breath now beloved, breath,

dearest fully open your heart and soul, prepare your blessed being for heavenly happenings, a plenteous and prosperous reality for which you are wholeheartedly deserving, for the best is yet to come, believe me are you ready to receive?

The Artistry of Receptivity, Embodying an Unexpected Expectancy, an Unwavering Faith in that which one cannot see, the Way Paved with; Patience, Persistence and Positivity


~Serenely Seraphic Empress~

Embers of Evanescent Euphoric Bliss: Manifesting Moments, Where the Essence of Immortality Exists

Enraptured by Embers of a Euphoric Bliss

Time Traveling through these Transient Moments

An Ephemerality that is Tenderly Rapturous

Illusory Shadows of Time that are Invaluably Vacuous

Through the Bounds of Time This Illusive Soul Slips

Away this Etheric Body Drifts, Far Far Away from Reality on a Timeless Tryst

Perspective Unceasingly Shifts, Elusively Chasing a Suitable Stand Point that Uplifts

Consciously Manifesting Embers of an Evanescent Euphoric Bliss, Where the True Essence of Immortality Exists


Entwined in the Essence of a Moment in Time that I Simply Adore

Suspended in this Euphoric Space is What We Live For, of this I’m Sure

A Tender Trance Like State that Caresses You Down to the Very Core

Enrapturing you in an All Encompassing Quit Elation, Yet Simultaneously Leaving you Longing For More

Lost in the Translation of a Timelessly Transient Tug of War

Emotions that Gently Enliven You, Whilst Instantaneously Vanquishing Like Waves Upon a Cosmic Sea Shore

Yet, It is in this Space in Time Where You Create

 a Collection of Shape Shifting Holographic Dream Scapes that are Undeniably all Yours

A Virtual Relative Reality, Outer World Reflective of the State of Your Inner World

Like an Alchemist, Consciously Manifesting Embers of Evanescent Euphoric Bliss,

 Where the True Essence of Immortality Exists Evermore


Life’s Transient Illusiveness Implores Us to Come to Grips

 with the Insight that Eternity is Found In Moments

So Unreservedly Savor each Felicitously Fleeting Second

Vanquish into each Impermanent Minute Without Second Guessing

Breath in the Brevity of each Bountiful Moment as if it Where a Blessing

Relishing the Ephemeral Impermanence that Elusively Leaves an Indelible Impression

A Life Measured in Moments where all is Indeed Inherently Relative,

A Chameleon Like Consciousness that is Transiently Selective

Inner Perspectives Transmuted like Alchemical Gold into External Projections

Transient Moments Engraved into the Embers of Eternity now Isnt that Impressive

Consciously Manifesting Embers of Evanescent Euphoric Bliss,

Where the True Essence of Immortality Exists, these Timeless Mementos

That Accompany us when we Get To Heaven

~Serenely Seraphic Empress

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Unreservedly Relishing the Ever Revolving Rapture of Integrating Thyn Sundry Selves

Ceaselessly Oscillating Betwixt Entangled Selves

Dismantling Layers of Disillusionment, Discovering Diverse Dimensions of thynself the Deeper one Deliberately Delves

An Innermost Investigative Voyage, Embracing the Artistry of Becoming Content with Shape Shifting into Someone Else

An Extrication of the Egoic Cloak that is Insidiously Productive, Relentlessly Deconstructive While Simultaneously Constructive, Indubitably Broken Out of Her Snug Shell, Prophetically Pondering Upon What thyn Foreseeable Future Lives Entail

An Uncompromisingly Perpetual Process of Progressive Authentication, Each Manifestation of Self but a Precursor to an Otherwordly Destination, the Possibility of Existing as Someone Else

Prevailing Towards the Prospective Projection of the Immaculate Expression of thyn Higher Most Self

Unreservedly Relishing the Ever Revolving Rapture of Integrating thyn Sundry Selves



An Endless Expansion of Awareness with the Sudden Appearance of Each Shadowy Acquaintance within that Dwells

A Timeless Transfiguration, A Transcendent Transmutation, Felt within Every Fiber of my Being, a Conscious Regeneration of Imaginal Cells

An Irrevocable Renewal of the Heart and Soul, Traces of that which No Longer Obliges thee, Inexorably Expelled, Non Existent to Me, these Phantasms Repelled

Dormant DNA Activated, An Irreversible Spiritual Revival that Ultimately Quells, Insistent that this Ever Evolving Essence Excels

Unreservedly Relishing the Ever Revolving Rapture of Integrating thyn Sundry Selves




An ever so Delicate Blossoming and Blooming on the Inside, the Emergence of Latent Wings, Exquisitely Equipped To Set Sail

By the Imperceptible Winds of Faith, Evermore Propelled, Although the Destination of thyn Journey is Unknown to thee, Onwards towards her Destiny she is Compelled

Transcending into Higher Realms of Existence that are Auspiciously Unparalleled

To the Coziness of Her Comfort Zone, the Cocoon that she Has Always Known, She Must Now Say Farewell

Renunciation of the Contraction Subsequent to Resistance, Accepting of the Mysteries Impending, A Miraculous Metamorphosis of the Soul is What she Foretells

Unreservedly Relishing the Ever Revolving Rapture of Integrating thyn Sundry Selves

~Serenely Seraphic Empress

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Suspended Betwixt Uncertain Certainty: Entwined in the Inexorable Embroidery of Relativity

Suspended in a Sea of Uncertainty, Besieged by Convoluted Complexities

Peacefully Perched Atop a Balance Beam All While Sinking Simultaneously

Breath Taken Away From Thee Unceasingly, Lost in these Lucid Holographic Scenes

Perfectly Poised all while Bursting at the Seems, What Does this All Mean?

Buried Betwixt, Free Will, Fate, and My Self Proclaimed Destiny, Splattered Upon

The Backdrop of this Interminable Reverie, and Incarnate Being of whom Believes in Everything

Simply Because of Its Very Existence there is a Possibility, yet In Still this Ever Skeptical Being Believing

in Absolutely Nothing for how can We Ever Truly Prove the Transient Existence of Anything. Yet in Still

We are Behooved to Look on the Bright Side of Things, Lavishing in Life’s Ever Shape Shifting Brevity,

Elusively Evanescent Day Dreams

Swept Away Amid the “One Truth”, that We are the Proof of our own Proof Essentially, For we are the

Cosmic Shadow That Projects the Very  Existence of our Reality, Phantasms of Lingering Energy That

Coalesces in the Ceaseless Unfoldment of a Incorporated Collective Synergy, a Unconscious Reflective

Interconnectivity, a Mirror Image of Our Inner Multidimensionality, a Timeless Tug of War with the

Truest Essence of You, and the You, that you Choose to Allow to Shine Through.

Evermore Suspended in the Space In Between

Certainly Certain of Nothing

Uncertain of the Existence of Everything

All While Simultaneously Believing that Anything is a Possibility

An Inexactitude that Leaves Traces of an Emptiness Indifference within Me


Unreceptively Craving Conciliatory Clarity

Will Certitude Evermore Be a Rarity?

Whilst thyn Ever be Consoled with Complete Certainty?

Or whilst thyn Evermore be Entangled in the Current Of Dichotomously Convuluted Realities?

Suspended in Virtually Crafted Holographic Scenes, Basking in their Eternal Brevity, a Timeless

Transience that is Highly Serious while Simultaneously Laughably Illusory

A Reflective Relativity, Where Everything is Undeniably as it is Perceived to Be

Entwined in the Inexorable Embroidery of Relativity


A Time Space Reality Where Nothing can Become Something and Something can Become Nothing

In a Heartbeat, But What Accounts for the Space In Between, that Interval of the Unknown that Invokes

for the very Manifestation of Something? This Space of Sheer Uncertainty, & its

Intently Elusively Enticing Qualities Giveth Rise to the Possibility of Anything


For it is this Space in Between that

Giveth Reason to Everything, it is the Root of all Existential Questioning, Evermore Keeps the Conscious

Mind Guessing, Perceiving Both Subjectively and Objectively, a Quiet Observer to the Divinely

Orchestrated Unfoldment Of your Destiny, Free Will the Unconscious Narrator of your Subconsciously Crafted Reverie

Suspended in the Space In Between, Little More than a Dream within a Dream, Contingent Upon the

Inexorable Embroidery of Relativity

A Divinely Luminous Dance, Destiny Inevitably Unfolding, Free will Dwellth  Within the Palm of thyn

Hand, through the Bounds of Time as IT ALL Illusively Vanquishes like Quick Sand, Vanishing without a

Trace, a Fading Away of Frequencies that Evaporate as you Instantaneously Resolve to Glance, an

Interminably Transient Romance, a Transcendent Rendezvous, With Each Incarnation, like Amnesiacs

Fluctuating In and Out of a Trance, all to Experience this Infinitesimally Magnified Perspective, Yet

Again , Amid Each, Ineffable Interval, Ones Awareness, Inexorably Expands, Weightlessly Suspended In

Between Dimensions, Standpoint Incessantly Shifting, As an Observer to this Divinely Orchestrated


an Exquisite Cosmic Evanescence , Each Interstellar Scene Enhanced by thyn very own

Holographic Harmony, a Subconscious Sonata that Leaves its Timeless Traces of Its Melody Indelibly,

Continuous Cosmic Consciousness Interlaced in a Stellar Symphony,  Even Amid the Illusion of Time,

Coasting About in a Seamless Synchrony of Reflective Relativity, One Variable Contingent Upon the

Existence of the Other, an Endless Dichotomy, for one Would not Exist if it Were not For Something, and

therefore Something Appearth to hath Came out of Nothing, and if there is an Existence of an Unknown

Nothing, there is the Possibility of Everything,

~Serenely Seraphic Empress

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Timeless Traces of a Transcendent Love: Suspended in the Space Between

There is no other person in the world who knows what we had. He is the only one.

That is why there can never be anyone else for me.

Somewhere in time, he and I collided, like two predestined stars- and in that brief exchange, I felt what it was like to be immortal.

I can barely explain this to you in words, for it transcends language. It crosses the boundaries of life and death- and moves beyond time to stretch through all of eternity. 

You can trivialize it. You can try to define it in your own limited terms but I can tell you now, you are mistaken. For I have tasted divinity- on his lips, I have seen it in his eyes- and there is no coming back from that. Not now, not ever.

Heart Entwined in a Dance with Divinity

Nestled in the Nostalgia of your Memory,

In you I see the reflection my very own immortality

For the transcendent love that you’ve exposed to me, has jolted me, awoken me,

ignited a fire deep inside of me,

Revealing a part of my essence that is indeed undying

Can’t seem to shake the feeling you’ve bestowed upon me,

Craving just once more for you to grab ahold of me

Desiring little more than to bask in your ever expansive glory,

Ah what blissful simplicity, all I wish for, is to

embrace you tenderly, lips pressed against yours,

momentarily acquainted with infinity, as you silently lay with me

graciously embraced in the embers of eternity,

suspended in this sacred space with you, your heart beat the most conciliatory of symphonies

Invariably soothed by the holy whispers of your heart, such a serene surrendering

swept away in your supremely blessed seas, brought to my knees, drifting away indefinitely

what have you done to me? you’ve shaken up my soul, unraveled my entire reality,

showed me the possibility of leading a life that is in actuality a real life fantasy

Yet in this moment, you are not here with me, in my head wondering if it was all a dream

For all that’s left behind are timeless traces of a transcendent love, such heavenly holographic

      Scenes, suspended in the space in between.


What do you do when on his lips you have tasted divinity?

When you glance into the windows of his soul, and you see the vast expanse of infinity?

When he embraces you ever so tenderly, and you feel as though you are enveloped within all of eternity

When he introduced you to the possibility of a blissful reality, his very existence consoling all of your existential questioning

Your soul and his soul melded as one, exploding like sacred stardust, in a stellar synergy drifting off into a celestial fantasy world indefinitely

An ineffaceably inexpressible emotion that can never be replicated, for it has become one with the soul of thee indelibly,

, permanently etched into the embers of my hearts memory

Soul somehow sustained by reverenced recollections of thee that have enraptured me impenetrably

temperately waiting, as I watch as a quiet observer in the unfoldment of our destiny,

evermore longing for a divine love solely with the man of my dreams

suspended in the space in between

~Serenely Seraphic Empress

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Perennial Inspiration of 2pac- Positive Lyrical Compilation

Picture paragraphs unloaded, flows go deeper inside

wise words being quoted. Peeped the weakness in the rap game and sewed it

In a discussion my past records tell a story

My lyrics are poetry.

Tryin to keep my head up and stay strong

So tell me am I wrong? for tryin’ to communicate through a song

blessed with the gift of speech, the power to reach, Though life is complicated, only what you make it to be

must maintain composure at ease

when we conspire to conceive

There is no limit to what WE can achieve, for If you believe, then you can achieve

givin you jewel’s, use ’em as tools

Win or lose,We must all stay true

I’m seein nuttin but my dreams comin’ true

Caught up in the middle  My life’s a riddle

death or success is what I quest cause I’m fearless

I wanna take your misery, replace it with happiness



My seductive introduction be specific, still elusive but exclusive’s

Take a journey through my minds eye

Always kept my head up high. Cause in my mind I see sunshine

Until the day I die, I promise to be wise

With my heart open, Only a few chosen, rise (rise) Don’t be afraid to try (try

My brother be wise, stay focused on the prize

keep the faith in your mind Though everybody dies

be on a grind, and a mission to shine

We all links in the chain, tryin to gain, do time

Let it be prophesized

Heaven aint hard to find Just wait until the rain turn to sunshine



Eventually, I knew that I would find my way

To be great, I’m giving it all it takes

gotta take, my place or fall from grace

Nothin’s impossible if there’s a will there’s a way

Keep yo’ head up and try to keep the faith After the darkest night, always comes a brighter day So get your mind on official business  You can be great

And some would say, that turned away is all you’ll get I just said, “bet,” and never let ’em see me sweat

Let no man break, what we set

Life’s a mess don’t stress, but be thankful that you’re livin.. blessed

Cause in the end, I knew that I would have it all

Be true to you, and that way you can never fall

Never surrender, it’s all about the faith you’ve got And if you drop, at least you know you gave your all Don’t ever stop, just push it til you hit the top


You probably panic, stranded in search of a better planet Realism hard to understand, we stand slanted

My lyrics motivate the planet

So mandatory my elevation my lyrics like orientation

We must be patient nothing better than communication

It’s similar to Rhythm Nation

I know, I try to make the best of bad situations

Cause I think we can make it, in fact, I’m sure

The trick is to never lose hope And if you fall, stand tall and comeback for more


Diggin’ deep into your brain while tryin to explain most of us can change,  if we search deeper. I often wish that I could save everyone, but I’m a dreamer

Protect yourself, Protect your essence, Know thy self .

Time to question our lifestyle, look how we live

I got love for my brother, but we can never go nowhere unless we share with each other

It takes skill to be real, time to heal each other All this judgement on other lives Needs to stop. It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes. Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live and let’s change the way we treat each other.

Separation is self destruction  What’s needed is unification.

Words of Wisdom They shine upon the strength of a nation embrace my words make the world change

The struggle is real but Nothing can steal What we build

So get up, it’s time to start nation building



Interstellar Soul Travel through the Dimensions: The Perennial Power of Loving Intentions

 ~Love is the One thing we are capable of perceiving that Transcends Dimensions of Time & Space~

As thyn precious soul rests in futures time, one comes to consciously realize that we brought ourselves to this exact moment in time, being guided by subconscious subliminal signs, the bridge to the divine, co-creators that take quantum leaps through the bounds of time, quantum time travel that exists as supremely sublime, existing as infinite in space and time, a boundless being not confined by anything, interstellar communication through the dimensions, the unconscious creation of a celestial sacred space that discloses to thee the solace laden revelation, Ah that’s why ‘Im here” for love in its very essence can be quantified, for it is the key, for it gives underlying meaning to everything, in essence we code this love laden frequency, this divine data into each cosmic scene of interstellar interacting, the underlying theme, in the grand scheme of things, translating this timelessly transcendent love, like sunbeams, the most reverent revelation received, love as the explanation for our very reason for existing, our blessed reasoning for being.

Paving the way towards creating the dreamscapes we’ve all been silently envisioning, with love as the underlying stellar symphony, unified in an interstellar synchrony, incorporeally interlaced with infinity, ascending and transcending within the very fabric of eternity, for love giveth rise to a blessed life worth living, coalescing in a quantum unity, a heart warming cadence of love that is evermore conciliatory, basking in its ever endearing glory, an unremitting unfoldment of our sacred collective history, an antiquated holographic story, intending to become all that of which thy had been imploring, love as the reason we continue in unceasingly soaring, the sorrows of the world we continue in enduring, occasionally taking respite from the cares of the world evermore reassuring, yet we push forward simply because the very possibility of love is evermore rewarding.



Take a divine diversion through the portal of the worm whole, to a higher dimension

Guided by thy higher self, a subliminal conversation with thyn subconscious intentions

To those silent whispers my dear assure to pay ever so close attention


For they pave the way into parallel plane of reality towards an assured transcendent ascension

A Quantum Leap, Jumping the Timelines Towards all that of which thyn heart hath been inaudibly envisioning

A Journey Beyond, Divinely Directed By ones Deliciously Insentient Intuition

 thyn Future Self Placing thee in the time space reality for which thyn hath always been Unconsciously Intending


The ever enduring, ever endearing echo of a timeless love, existing as the highest vibrating frequency

 in this time space reality, the key to all thyn souls existential questioning,

an interstellar insight that shall graciously guide thee to thyn most desirably love laden destiny, both individually and collectively.


Dearest we exist as divine channels of love, the love that we exemplify and transmit in the here and now has the possibility of echoing out endlessly into the future planes of infinity, branching out ever so beautifully into multiple planes of reality, for you see, love is a multidimensional all encompassing force that eases our ever expansive soul, interconnecting us all back to divine source, to the union of the celestial collective whole, our destiny at stake whilst our free will under our complete control, the key is to break the mold, take responsibility to assure that the love that you embody is reflective of each and every choice that your blessed soul makes and in every chance that your gracious soul takes.

For there are interminable parallel planes of future lives ahead of us both individually and as a unified whole, assuring that love is the personification of our co-creations is the ultimate goal. For love is ultimately the one thing that we are capable of perceiving that transcends dimension of time and space, it is the quintessential reason for existence, the aspiration to ascend towards; love, love, and more love is universal, the role we play in this supremely sacred unfoldment is pivotal.

~Enlightened Empress

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