~Serene Scentuality Collection~


A Potent Pairing of High Vibrational Heaven Sent Scents; Oudh & Rose Highly Rousing Holy Oudh Oil Entices Enlightenment into Being,whilst,Grounding Omniscient Hymns of the Higher Most Chakras into a Symphonic Embodied Stream. The Accompaniment of Enrapturing Rose Essence Softly Strengthens the Hearts Center, Arousing your Loving Core to Become Centered in the Flourishing Fulfillment of it's Purpose,Whilst, Soul is Supported by Elysian Synchronization of the Highest Spiritual Order. ~SOLD OUT:SEE DISCOUNTED SAMPLES BELOW~


~Zenith Essence Samples~

Sample the Essence of Zenith for a Limited Time Only. May this Elegant Travel Size Parfum Composed of Euphoric Oudh & Ravishing Rose Elevate thy State of Being in any and all Spaces through which Soul Traverses. In the event that you'd like to try a sample size of any other Elixirs from the ~Serene Scentuality Collection~ Please Inquire Below.


~Velveteen Visibility~

A Transcendent Trilogy of; Otherwordly Black Opium, Enlightening Embers of Amber, & Beckoning Black Currant.


ON SALE ~Amorous Ascentia~ ON SALE

A Heavenly High Harmony of Exalted Notes; High Vibrational Damask Rose Oil, Velvety Mahogany Teakwood, Grounding Essence of Vetiver & Blessed Bursts of Black Currant.


~Silkened Eminence~

Existing as the Translucent Scent of Ascent; Exotic Jasmine , Exquisite Sandalwood, Intoxicatingly Wispy Cashmere Cotton Musk, & Awakening Aroma of Calmative Carnation.


~Evocative Adagio~

A Synthesis of Sensuously Serene Aromatic Oils; Luscious Rose Undertones, the Enlivening Essence of Peppermint, Romantic Red Currant Center, & Soothing Superlative Tones of Eucalyptus.


SOLD OUT~Serendipitous Stimulation Soy Candle~SOLD OUT

This Serendipitous Scent is a Synergy of Stimulants that Embodies a Softened Strength. Consciously Created with Organic Soy Wax, Allowing for a Safe & Slow Burn. It’s Soothing Spearmint Base Promotes Mental Clarity & Increased Productivity. It’s Black Pepper Core Activates Inner Warmth & Balance. Whilst, also Detoxing ones Innermost Being.It’s Rosemary Top Note Improves ones Cognitive Capacity. Whilst, also Possessing Stress Relieving & Mood Enhancing Properties.  


~Peaceful Profundity Soy Candle~

This Profoundly Peaceful Fragrance is a Fusion of Powerful Oils that Promote Tranquility from the Depths Within. It’s Oudh Overtone is Aromatically Rich & Palpably Potent.Subduing Inhibitions Whilst Captivating the Senses with an Exquisite Sense of Immediacy as it Unleashes it’s Healing and Harmonizing Properties.It’s Holy Basil Undertone Is Earthy and Grounding.Acting as an Adaptogen that Assist in Easefully Coping with Stress,Vanquishing any Looming Worries or Anxieties, Instantaneously.


~Euphoria Oudh Incense~

May your Blessed Being & the Essence of your Space be Enveloped in the Precious Parfum of the Exotic Oudh Fragrance. Allowing the Pure Potency of it’s Sanctified Nature to Enrapture your Senses in Inescapable Euphoric Upliftment. Each Pristine Package Includes a total of 10 23cm Sticks. Created with Carbon Neutral, Non-Toxic Elements that Assures a Sustained Burning Time of Approximately 1 Hour.


~Unlock Transcendence Incense~

May the Transcendence Laced within this “Unlock Incense” Entice Ascent as Soul is Sent Adrift To a Space that is Scentually Heaven Scent Potency of Potentially Strengthened With Each Soul Enhancing Whiff Innermost Environment yee Invariably Reinvent Unlocking Higher Dimensions with Concentrated Intent Harmonized with all that is Destined whilst Encapsulated by the Palpable Presence of the Uplifted Present. Each Individual Box Includes 20 Long Lasting Sticks for the Long Standing Pleasure of your Auric Presence.


~Divine Beauty Incense~

Purify your Feminine Essence & Awaken your Inner Divinity. As this Anointed Fragrance Delicately Transmutes Dense Energies Transporting the Senses unto Diaphanous Realms of Uninhibited Ease.Supremely Serene and Etheric in Nature, a Celestial Aroma Accompanies your Aura,Long After, Initial Incense Igniting.Leaving you Feeling Light at Heart Glowing & Flowing with an Heir of Graceful Poise. Each Individual Box Includes 20 Long Lasting Sticks for the Long Standing Pleasure of your Auric Presence.


Sanctum Coffin Incense Holder

Beautifully Handcrafted from Sheesham Wood with Divinely Distressed Silver Engravings, this Sanctum Coffin Incense Holder Embodies a Vintage Aesthetic with a Tasteful Touch of Elegance. This Holder is 12 inches long x 2 inches wide x 2 inches deep and has a decorative brass inlay capable of holding incense up to 11 inches in length or 2 standard size incense simultaneously. It also comes complete with a hidden storage compartment providing ease of access to additional incense sticks. ~Inner Sanctum Enhancement Awaits~


Palo Santo-Copal Coalescence Incense

Peaceably Purify the Energetic Essence of your Space and Protect your Auric Presence with this Sanctified Coalescence Betwixt Palo Santo & Copal. Intently Packaged with 11 Incense Sticks & 1 Palo Santo Holy Wood Smudge Stick. An Effective Addition to Meditation Rituals,Relinquishes all Inklings of Interference as Soul Deepens Seamlessly into Serenity. Also, Serving as a Worthwhile Tool in Auric Blockage Clearance & Encourages Soul Cleansing as yee Rise Through Shifts with Sheer Ease. Allowing Immaculate Clarity of Intention Whilst Willing Destiny into Reality.


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