~Serene Scentuality Collection~

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~Eminence Elixirs~

~Sacrosanct Eau de Elixir~

Sacrosanct is a Scintillating Structure of Distinctive Variant Forces, Sustained by a Valence of Valiance & Evocatively Expressed Euphoric Finesse. Subtly Impressed With Serotonin Enticing CBD Serum Luxuriance, thyn Essence is Serenely Caressed. Senses Helplessly Undressed, thyn Insides Synthesize with the Sumptuousness of Suede Opulence. As thyn Sensibilities are Teased by Textural Cumin Piquance & Encased in Crystalline Cashmere Effervescence. Enraptured by the Reverence of Redolence, A Consecrated Escapade unto the Superlatively Sacrosanct Space that Exists Amidst the Realm of Etheric Eminence & the Sanctity of the Telluric


~Exultancy Eau de Parfum: Limited Edition~

The Encapsulation of Exultation. Exquisite; Silver, Selenium, Sauvage Notations. Encoded Elegance that Enlivens Valiant Veneration. Incites Scintillating Sensorial Captivation. An Evocative Invocation of Elevation Acclimation. Initiates Activation of Discernment Intensification.Enhances Distinctive Sophistication of Data Integration. Expeditiously Endorsing Synchronization with thy Designated Destination.


SOLD OUT~Exultancy Eau de Parfum~SOLD OUT

Exultancy, Encapsulates the Authenticated Codes of Ascendant Elegancy Ozonic Exultant Notes of; Silver, Selenium and Sauvage Dior Elucidates the Higher Dimensional Decadence of Luxuriant Serenity Inspiring a Comprehensive Sensorial Awakening with an Heir of Immediacy via the Ancient yet Sacred Ritual of Perfumery


SOLD OUT~Ineffable Infallibility~SOLD OUT

Ineffable in Aroma and Infallible in Blessed Benefits. Adorn thy Essence in a Reverenced Commingling of Anointed Spikenard and Myrrh Essential Oils. Allow the Spicy yet Woody Scent of Sanctified Spikenard to Enhance Connectivity to the Heart of Spiritual Truth. Whilst the Venerated Musky Warmth of Myrrh Cultivates Comprehensive Soul Healing and Incontrovertibly Grounds Transcendent Wisdom into Being.



A Potent Pairing of High Vibrational Heaven Sent Scents; Oudh and Rose Highly Rousing Holy Oudh Oil Entices Enlightenment into Being,whilst,Grounding Omniscient Hymns of the Higher Most Chakras into a Symphonic Embodied Stream. The Accompaniment of Enrapturing Rose Essence Softly Strengthens the Hearts Center, Arousing your Loving Core to Become Centered in the Flourishing Fulfillment of it’s Purpose, Whilst, Soul is Supported by Elysian Synchronization of the Highest Spiritual Order.


SOLD OUT~Velveteen Visibility~SOLD OUT

A Timeless Trilogy of; Black Opium, Amber and Black Currant, Velveteen Visibility, Viscerally Enlivens the Visions that Vehemently Rendezvous with the Valiant Soul of thee. Unveiling these Vivifying Scenes Reflectively through the Heavens they Unabatedly Breathe with Ease, Unceasingly. Revivifying thy Revered Reverie as the Spirit of Invincibility Seeps through thyn Revitalized Being Immersively. Amidst the Very Vertex of the Vortex Yee Vantage Enhanced Expansively.


~Amorous Ascentia~

A Heavenly High Harmony of Exalted Notes; High Vibrational Damask Rose Oil, Velvety Mahogany Teakwood, Grounding Essence of Vetiver and Blessed Bursts of Black Currant.


SOLD OUT~Evocative Adagio~SOLD OUT

A Synthesis of Sensuously Serene Aromatic Oils; Luscious Rose Undertones, the Enlivening Essence of Peppermint, Romantic Red Currant Center and Soothing Superlative Tones of Eucalyptus.


SOLD OUT~Silkened Eminence~SOLD OUT

Existing as the Translucent Scent of Ascent; Exotic Jasmine , Exquisite Sandalwood, Intoxicatingly Wispy Cashmere Cotton Musk and Awakening Aroma of Calmative Carnation.


SOLD OUT~Irenic Coherence~SOLD OUT

May this Blessed Blend of Lavishly Lulling Heliotrope, Conciliatory Holy Basil, and the Refined Essence of Mahogany Teakwood Ease-fully Enhance Innermost Irenic Coherence at a Super-Subconscious Level.


SOLD OUT~Violet Vibrancy~SOLD OUT

Envelope thyn Essence in the Irrevocable Vibrancy of Violet Essential Oil Extract. May every last Divine Drop Serve to; Invigorate the Senses,Tenderly Evaporate Unwarranted Energies, Evoke the Spirit of Innovative Creativity and Enhance the Interpretive Clarity of Prophetic Dreams. ~Every Vial of Violet Vibrancy is Accompanied by a Single Surprise Sample~


~Spiritual Bath Adornments~

SOLD OUT~Ultra Absorption Magnesium Re-Calibration Set~SOLD OUT

Ancient Magnesium Sourced from a Protected European Seabed 16000-2000 Meters Deep in the Interior of the Earth’s Core. Kept Pure and Untouched, it is Safe for Absorption in both Serum and Epsom Flake Form. •Comprehensive Bio-Chemical Regulation •Entire Energy Field Recalibration •Nerve and Muscle Function Modulation •Relieves Innermost Inflammation •Releases Deepening and Progressive Pain Sensation Includes; 1. Two Diamond Vials- Ultra Pure Magnesium Flakes 2. Two Travel Size Vials- Rapid Absorption Ultra Pure and Concentrated Magnesium Serum


SOLD OUT~Serene Sanctum Salt Soak~SOLD OUT

Everlastingly Soothe thy Exquisite Essence, Transmute Stifled Stiffness and Innermost Inflammation, all whilst Transforming thy Soulful Space into a Sanctified Serene Escape with an Enticingly Tranquil Trilogy of; Invigorating Tea Tree, Healing Eucalyptus-Hemp Infusion and Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Epsom Salt Extracts. Net Weight: 8.5 oz/227g


~Zenith Essence Samples~

Sample the Essence of Zenith for a Limited Time Only. May this Elegant Travel Size Parfum Composed of Euphoric Oudh and Ravishing Rose Elevate thy State of Being amidst any and all Spaces through which the Heart of Soul Traverses Through.


SOLD OUT~Tulsi Extract and Hemp Essence Isolates~SOLD OUT

Both Anointing Oils are a Positively Pristine Symphony of; Uva Ursi Leaf Extract, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil and Sesame Seed Oil. Each Separate Isolate Enhanced by the Accompaniment of Tulsi Extract amidst one and Hemp Extract amidst the other. Intently Concocted to Allow thy Essence to Deepen into the All Pervasive Presence of Serenity. This Anointed Oil may be Utilized as a Body Oil or as a Soothing Additive to Ones Spiritual Bath.


SOLD OUT~Ayurvedic Ashwagandha Extract~SOLD OUT

The Ashwagandha Extract is Prepared from the Root of Certified Organic Withania Somnifera Plant. Revered in Ayurvedic Traditions the Ashwagandha Herb Enrich Health and Quality of Life via; Reducing Anxiety, Increasing Energy and Vitality, Inhibiting Depressive Symptomology and Enhancing Brain Functioning. Every vile Contains; Pure Ashwagandha, Organic Vegetable Glycerin and Distilled Water. With an Extraction Rate of 175 mg herb 0.7 ml, it may be; Ingested, Utilized as a Topical Oil or Dispersed within ones Spiritual Bath.


~Calmative Candles~

SOLD OUT~Iridescent Radiance Candle~SOLD OUT

Revivify thy Sacred Space with an Irresistibly Rapturous Blend of; Rousing Black Currant, Radiant Rose, and Opulent Black Opium. Consciously Created with Organic Soy Wax, Allowing for a Safe Longstanding Burn.


SOLD OUT~Peaceful Profundity Soy Candle~SOLD OUT

This Profoundly Peaceful Fragrance is a Fusion of Powerful Oils that Promote Tranquility from the Depths Within. It’s Oudh Overtone is Aromatically Rich & Palpably Potent.Subduing Inhibitions Whilst Captivating the Senses with an Exquisite Sense of Immediacy as it Unleashes it’s Healing and Harmonizing Properties.It’s Holy Basil Undertone Is Earthy and Grounding.Acting as an Adaptogen that Assist in Easefully Coping with Stress,Vanquishing any Looming Worries or Anxieties, Instantaneously.


SOLD OUT~Serendipitous Stimulation Soy Candle~SOLD OUT

This Serendipitous Scent is a Synergy of Stimulants that Embodies a Softened Strength. Consciously Created with Organic Soy Wax, Allowing for a Safe and Slow Burn. It’s Soothing Spearmint Base Promotes Mental Clarity and Increased Productivity. It’s Black Pepper Core Activates Inner Warmth and Balance. Whilst, also Detoxing ones Innermost Being. It’s Rosemary Top Note Improves ones Cognitive Capacity. Whilst, also Possessing Stress Relieving and Mood Enhancing Properties.  


~Scentual Incense~

SOLD OUT~Euphoria Oudh Incense~SOLD OUT

May your Blessed Being and the Essence of your Space be Enveloped in the Precious Parfum of the Exotic Oudh Fragrance. Allowing the Pure Potency of it’s Sanctified Nature to Enrapture your Senses in Inescapable Euphoric Upliftment. Each Pristine Package Includes a total of 10 23cm Sticks. Created with Carbon Neutral, Non-Toxic Elements that Assures a Sustained Burning Time of Approximately 1 Hour.


~Palo Santo-Copal Coalescence Incense~

Peaceably Purify the Energetic Essence of your Space and Protect your Auric Presence with this Sanctified Coalescence Betwixt Palo Santo and Copal. Intently Packaged with 11 Incense Sticks and 1 Palo Santo Holy Wood Smudge Stick. An Effective Addition to Meditation Rituals,Relinquishes all Inklings of Interference as Soul Deepens Seamlessly into Serenity. Also, Serving as a Worthwhile Tool in Auric Blockage Clearance and Encourages Soul Cleansing as yee Rise Through Shifts with Sheer Ease. Allowing Immaculate Clarity of Intention Whilst Willing Destiny into Reality.


SOLD OUT~Immaculate Emanations Incense~SOLD OUT

Illuminate the Invaluable Visions that Rest and Abide Deep Within. As the Gracious Essence of this Soothing Incense Assists in Elevating thy Vantage. Each Luminous Spark Accompanied by a Conscious Clearing of thy Heart, as Immaculate Emanations Irradiate the Dark. Includes a Total of 16 Long Standing Cruelty Free Incense Sticks.


2 For 1~Tulsi Attunement Incense~2 For 1

Tulsi, also referred to as Holy Basil, is a highly advantageous healing tool utilized in the Ayurvedic Arts. Known primarily for its adaptogenic properties. Capable of enhancing sub-harmonic accord so that soul may attune seamlessly with frequencies of serenity and harmony. Each individual box includes 11, top tier organically crafted incense sticks.


2 For 1~Resplendent Rose Essence Incense~2 For 1

May the Enchanted Essence of Enrapturing Rose Felicitously Flow through thy Space as the Lightness of your Bountiful Being is Transported Unto the Lush and Flourishing Escape of an Resplendent Rose Garden. Where Illimitable Love and Precious Peace Endearingly Lives. Includes a Total of 20 Sticks for your Blissful Burning Pleasure.


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