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Self Love for the Selfless: A Timeless Transfiguration

As a selfless woman, I have found that, the endless wellspring of love that I had so freely given to others, was rarely extended unto myself. It wasn’t until a string of endless heartbreaks surfaced, that I awoke to my divine power to break this pattern of cyclical disempowerment. A source of inner strength was birthed from within, resulting in this depiction of transfiguration. For I am a living breathing testament of how, painful lessons in love may be transformed into most beautiful blessings. As we commit to; healing deeper, owning our story, and being willing to re-write a new story line riddled with; undying love, limitless possibilities and self-empowerment. This book also includes practical self-love tips and over 50 self-love affirmations when in need of a gentle reminder of your worth as a woman.


A Compilation of Spiritual Poetry:The Progressive Perfection of the Soul

A Poetic Journey of the Soul that Eloquently Details the Emotional Roller Coaster of Re-calibrating to a New Wave of Energies During a Period of Intense Kundalini Rising. There were Unfathomable Moments of Deep Darkness and Unforgettable Moments of Euphoric Bliss. It Was a Time of Hermitage and Quite Honestly the Unfolding of an Existential Crisis Where I Came Face to Face with All of My Buried Fears. All in All, It Was a Voyage that Ultimately Led Back to Self. Clarity Arose out of the Depths of the Darkness. A Knowingness Arose, that We are All Progressing Towards the Inevitable Perfection of Our Soul. For we all Exist as Reflections of the Essence of God, Always Guided By Divine Directives, Engaged in Experiences that Assist Our Souls in Garnering a Higher Perspective, a Perfectly Paved Pathway Towards Perfection.


Progressive Perfection of the Soul: Self-Audit Journal

As conscious ever evolving beings, every single second of the day, we are garnering a different perspectives about ourselves and the way we relate to our reality and relationships, learning new lessons and transcending old patterns of thought that no longer serve us. As such this Self Audit Journal to is devoted to taking time to check in with self. For when we check in with self we see that our emotions are signals that guide us to the hidden needs of our soul, they are calling out for us to listen. We must not run away from these emotions but rest in them and allow for them to traverse through our hearts so that we may take heed to the messages and guidance that they have for us. We must also take time to allow for these emotions to be our teachers and know that they shall aid us towards the perfect progression of our soul. No matter what we are going through at the moment, we must know that it is all transient and shall pass with time, but we must be willing to face these emotions head on so that they may lend to our growth and not hold us captive in the prison of our minds, we must allow them to refine us and lend towards the inevitable progressive perfection of our souls. This Journal Includes Poem Entitled: Flow with the Progressive Perfection of the Soul


Intuitive Life Counseling Sessions

You may pay in advance for initial intuitive life counseling session, utilizing the Pay Pal Link below. Thank you for your; time, consideration, and your business.


Charitable Donations

Please feel free to donate to the positively peaceful inspirations movement. All proceeds shall go towards the production of future conscious merchandise, in the form of; books, journals, jewelry, and clothing. Thank you in advance for all of your precious time and consideration. May positively peaceful inspirations behold each and every soul with overwhelming elation, so graciously taking flight, laying a felicitous foundation across our nation. Transcending our collective consciousness straight towards the constellations. Cradling each and every soul in serenity and completely awe inspiring adoration.


💎 Moonstone Mesmerism Choker & Bracelet Set 💎

This is an original piece created by me, Serenity Grace. Mesmerizing moonstone pieces that capture multiple dimensions of serene blue with captivating silvery undertones.This choker and bracelet set channels the very quintessence of serenity! A stunning adornment set that makes any occasion undeniably enchanting.