~Higher Vantage of the Heart Space~

Although nestled within the cozy crevices of your chest cavity,the heart embodies ingrained wisdom that reaches far beyond your bodily vessel. Existing as an electromagnetic field connected to the sphere of the ethers within and without, emanating it’s effervescent energy infinitely outward,beyond that which the eye perceives.Your heart center is in essence an intuitive emotive compass that assists in guiding you through interactions with both self and perceived other. It’s purpose, to be utilized for the reflective restoration of inner and outer compassion.

On many an occasion, when something unwanted occurs in our etheric field, whether this was incited by an outside source or from our very selves, we react with insidious judgement. However, this is simply ego oriented reactivity, to detected dissonance amidst our reflective reality.A key means by which to re-establish energetic resonance within and without is to, take a quantum pause, to interface with your heart space. For, when we feel through the heart center, we engender a higher level of awareness. Capable of to seeing far beyond, surface level happenings. We are far less reactively trigger happy, when we come to the reverent realization that all that transpires in the 3D physical realm is but a reflection of ones inner emotive 5D universe. And at our truly marvelous core, we exist as pure intentioned sentient beings.

Any acts falsely appearing, to be laced with malice, are simply hurts in disguise. And this, it is of the utmost importance to veer deeply into the undertone of another’s actions before judging or reacting with malice in return. For, in doing so we become unknowingly involved in a rapid recycling of negativity. In turn only using our energy to fuel a vicious cycle of unwarranted behavior. Responding with love transmutes this cycle and is essential for the expansion of individual and collective consciousness. For, we are able to tune into, the true ,reality by coming to a greater inner standing, garnering a. more calmatively comprehensive level of awareness.

You, can be that vessel of change by extending tender inner standing and compassion to yourself. And this lighthearted energy shall radiate within the very fabric of your interactions and reality as a whole. For the way in which the entire cosmos responds to us is contingent upon how we treat and respond to our selves. When you realign with the harmonic resonance of the heart,you and your desired reality are never far apart.

~Serene Seraphim

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Caliber of Heart: The Key to an Alchemical Destiny

~May your heart be courageous and your soul freely explore, onwards towards the call of your hearts true destiny~

My dearest,

An emancipated existence is your destiny
Courage of heart the truest currency, allowing for you to ascend to the transcendent levels with a deepening into surrendering
All constrictions that prevent you from existing at loves deepest capacity must proceed in collapsing

You were born to be free
Liberate yourself from restrictions that exist as taxing
Vast and expansive like the far reaching seas
Way past the shoreline you can clearly see
All that you desire to receive no longer out of reach

Floating weightless like the brevity of the breeze
An emancipated space where False Evidence Appearing Real, could never impede
Quite a  heavenly experience to perceive
More heavenly than you could ever believe
Existing as the alchemist to your very own destiny


~Serene Seraphim

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Open Ended Existence

~Leading an open ended existence simply means, sincerely letting go of how we think things should be, to allow for the endless possibilities of that which could be, opening the doorway to energetic alchemy~

When you say you don’t want something to happen, you are speaking  that which you do want “out of existence” in that very instant, sending out a frequency of lack and thus attracting that which you “do not desire” into your electromagnetic existence. This is the epitome of leading a close ended life, stopping your dreams from coming into fruition, before they even get started.We must be impeccable with our thoughts, just as much as with the words that we speak. For our thoughts speak volumes in 5D, causing this to be reflected into our 3D reality.

We must fully trust in the desires of our hearts by decreeing and declaring that which we want to happen, believing in it wholeheartedly, so that it may manifest most naturally. It is vital that we essentially get out of our own way and embody an heir of openness, so that the universe may work its magic; with us, through us and especially for us. Allow for all to unfold without grasping too tightly to a specific outcome dearest.

Be patient with yourself, whilst, being open to every probable outcome, so that you do not close off any opportunities, simply because it doesn’t manifest, based upon your finite expectations of how it should look and feel. Leading an open ended existence simply means, sincerely letting go of how we think things should be, to allow for the endless possibilities of that which could be,indefinitely infusing with infinity, embracing emancipation to to exist as the; unbounded, untethered, free spirit that you were destined to be, as you and the soul of the world co-create in a divine synergy.


~Serene Seraphim

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Magically Manifesting your Dreams: Attuning to your Inner Alchemy


~It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting~

~Paulo Coelho

There comes a time in your wonder filled life that you begin to feel as though you are loosing control, like the universe has consumed your soul, filling empty spaces that once were whole. Gazing in hindsight at your once tangible goals, now being pulled by this strange force towards that which is exquisitely ethereal, unfathomably unerathly, indelibly intangible. Engulfed in this enchanting black hole can be all consuming,, wallowing in a well of unanswered questions, yet drenched in the essence of that which you have been destined. For the dreams that you’re destined to fulfill are remarkable resonate forms of energy,  the rhapsody of your reality. For Dreams are like celestial conversations with God, lovingly lavished in eternal liberty, whispering to you the keys that shall set your soul forever felicitously free.

1.Enchanted Envisioning 

~I don’t care that they stole my idea…, I care that they don’t have any of their own~


The enchanted visions of our dreams have the profound power to change the world, changing the inner workings of reality. This reality shifting realization can magically transform the vibration of a nation, filling each soul with enchanted elation,  laying an ever so felicitous foundation, causing for much subconscious contemplation revolving around the power of personal prophecy. For when we dream it is like that of a most precious prophecy,envisioning your dreams as that which has already magically,manifested, in hindsight, foreseen. As you formulate how you shall make these dreams a revelatory reality, there is no greater form of power to me. So I say, remain ethereally enchanted, as you endearingly engage in envisioning fulfilling your life’s calling, and as you do, don’t worry about falling for your fate shall forever echo into eternity, tugging on your heart strings, propelling you to be all that which you were destined to be, so set your dreams loose, allow for them to roam free, for remember that your dreams are intertwined with  the entire universe’s eternal destiny, frozen in time.

2.Whimsically Wander:

~Not all who wander are lost.~

~J.R.R Tolkien

~Neverland is home to lost boys like me, and lost boys like me are free.~

~Ruth B., Neverland

A wealth of wonderment can be found in the artistry of whimsically wandering through this wondrous world of ours. Each step filled with felicitous fairy dust, gazing up at the reflections of the stars reminding the soul of us to cosmically trust. Allowing for our free spirits to guide us, raptured by each whimsical wave as it wets the carefree spirit that dwells within us. Enchanted by this fascinating form of fantasy, rising above the sky, angelically adrift, feeling as though I can freely fly, amending this illusory emptiness inside, as my soul is amplified, reality marvelously magnified. Graced with a kiss from the gypsy that lives within me, for all lost souls are akin, fellow friends, breathing in life so blissfully, as we tap into the key that when we are lost oh so whimsically, we are actually free, free to see that we hold the keys to unlocking our most divine destiny.

3.Indulge in Ineffability

~The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.~

~Paulo Coelho

Immerse your senses into the depths of that which is ineffable, I promise you that its impression shall be indelible, illuminating the light bulb in your brain, accompanied by insights that ignite an heir of iridescence, a counter intuitive blessing. For their is incredible power in that which can’t be seen, but instead felt with the heart. A sort of invisible intuitive energy that intentionally  interconnects us. Igniting the infinite intelligence that intrepidly invigorates us. For we must exist eternally inquisitive of these ineffable echoes, for they are what enliven us, caresses the depths of desire in us intensely entices your ingenuity, reviving the alchemist within.

4.Be Mesmerized by the Magic in each Moment:

Power in youth, power in truth, the younger you stay the closer you are to your roots.

~Abstract, Neverland

Attuning to the mystical magician that you are, calls for a surrender to the child like wonder, that insatiable curiosity that once carried your spirit as a child. For the marvel of the mind of a child reaches for and wide, no bounds in sight, forever chasing after that illustrious light. No fears or cares in the world, for the magic of their dreams carelessly colors,preciously paints their reality, forever resting in the felicity of freedom, free to roam. For that which others may deem as mystical or magical, is a place where the inner child in you calls home. Immerse yourself in the magic all round you and miraculous happenings will find you, oh so graciously guide you, but this is a space that you must open your heart and mind to, a place of priceless value. For when you allow for your inner child to to ride the rhythm that is you, enchanted experiences will be a natural occurrence for you, for you dearly beloved have altitudinally higher heights to ascend to, with the sky moving through you, you feel the vibrational truth that dreams do come true,  but it all stars within the heart of you.

5. Tenaciously Time Travel, with your Dreams Guiding you Full Steam:

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. 

~Malcolm X

What is the destiny of a dream deferred you ask? My dearly beloved, dreams are enchanted, everlasting, they vivaciously vibrate in the vessels of your heart no matter where you are, for they may be tarnished and tarred, resting on your heart as a surface level scar, but trust me when I say that they never go far, for they are suspended in the soul of our universe, aspiring to soar, relentlessly roar. For they are timelessly tangible,  like shooting stars, as your conscious mind is captivated by the falling embers, enraptured in a moment in time, reminding you that you have the power to fly, gracing our galaxy, as you glide through the sky. For the time is nigh, to allow for your dreams to echo into eternity, consciously putting effort in to making them celestially chyme, so immaculately shine, resting in the rhapsody of your unique rhyme. Keeping your dreams caged is the bane of existence, a most tried and true crime, for our universe has a dire desire to take you higher, with your dreams lighting our worlds ever burning fire. For your dreams, are like  heavenly harmonies, a reminder that we posses the power to be free, radiating into our reality making that which once was impossibly intangible , a thing of fantasy, into a world of of infinite possibilities, a tangible way in which to color your world with the magic that you harness within, a timeless treasure, a fairy tale of sorts, as we time travel, with our dreams as a felicitous fairy,  forever cosmically akin.

6.Dauntlessly Delve Into Your Dreams:

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

~Paulo Cohelo

We must delve into our dreams with a dauntless vibration of determination, daringly diligent, being driven by the inevitability of evanescence. For time is truly of the essence, it is a bountiful blessing, we must be tenaciously tender with our time, assuring to live inspiringly intrepid, for our dreams are ever so delicate. We mustn’t be bedazzled by distractions but instead pulled by the power of our passion, make this life one that is love filled and forever lasting. We must exceed our expectations, being eternally efficacious, empowering others to endure, even when exhaustion is at bay, for we all have a role to play. To lead a life of purposefulness, devoted to the bedazzlement of our dreams, as they  playfully pave the way.

7.Reverence Reality Revolutionaries 

~I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.~

~Tupac Shakur

Although souls may “pass away” their vibrational energy remains, so splendidly stays, seeping into the rays of sunlight for all of our days.Radiantly resonating with the minds of fellow revolutionaries, divinely dancing with our destinies in this space time reality. Oh to be suspended in this splendor, savoring each supremely sweet spirit as they are renowned and remembered. Honoring souls that so graciously graced the galaxy before us, blesses our heats with the ordained opportunity to express gratitude for the kindred revolutionary renegades that came before me, capturing the very essence of alchemy. Lovingly laying the tracks, gold plated guide posts, positively paving the way to the treasures of ;wisdom & truth, keeping this timelessly trans-formative afloat, intertwined with out roots.

8.Take Heed to the Heavenly Whispers of your Heart:

~Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.~

~Paulo Coelho

Heaven can be found in the effervescent embers of your heart, for this haven is where nirvana starts. That which is felt by the heart is actually a divine spark, a celestial watermark. Wet with the whispers of wise words lavishing from the lips of god, lingering in this light as we lovingly listen, for these whispers bring warmth and wonder as blessings abounded by angels astoundingly appear. But dear soul, you must expansively open your heart, taking heed to harmonically hear, in efforts to delicately discern these magical messages ever so clear. So I say allow for your enlightened heart to pave the way my dear, heartwarming hope illuminating every step of the way, with each deliciously delightful day.

9.Revel in the Rapture of Resilience:

~Before a dream is realized, the Soul of the World tests everything that was learned along the way.  That’s the point at which most people give up.~

~Paulo Coelho

We must relentlessly follow after the desires of our heart, for there is with great certainty that trials and tribulations shall arise in an attempt to pull your precious dreams apart. This is not because the soul of the world embodies the essence of evil in its, heart, it is simply a string of loving lessons put into place to assure that we come to not only realize our dreams but also to master dream chasing as an art. For we are coated in courage and character when we sail through seas that appear stark, knowing that the dawn arises shortly after those hours of the night that are drenched in the depths of the dark. So my dear I say, revel in the rapture of your resilience, rest in the rhapsody of relentlessness and there shall NEVER be any roadblock that shall tear you and the dreams that hail in the havens of your heart apart.


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