Unremitting Echo of the Oversoul

~If all the world is merely a stage, then identity is simply a costume worn temporarily, yet it’s luminous expression inspires for an eternity, as the echo of the oversoul echoes unremittingly ~
I am you, you are me, we are we
You speak through to the soul of me
as I reflect back to you that which I perceive
one oversoul expressing itself through fractals of a conscious continuum of reality
one oversoul expressing itself through innumerable idenities
the very breath that you breathe, echoes unto the mirror of my soul,
reflected back as a radiant refraction of me
love frequency the sole constant that holds together the metaphysical fabric
of our shared actuality, playing out the a plot line where I am the main character to me, and yet your existence serving as background action so that I might properly realize me,
A profound projection that touches each eternal essence tenderly
Each living, breathing pulsar reverberating in a ceaseless synergy
My teacher, my brother, my lover, a reverent replica of source energy
speaking to me keenly from the great beyond with each energetic encounter for which we graciously meet
I honor the you, in me, for I recognize the unconditional love that you embody
exuding my luminous light through the heart and soul of thee, illuminating the embers of you indefinitely,echoing out into infinity
a dynamic deepening unto an; unspoken, unbroken, equipoise of equanimity
existing in a spiritual symmetry, unraveling the perplexity of a palpable perpetuity
suspended amidst such sheer immensity, and yet to put it simply;
I am you, you are me, we are we

~Serene Seraphim

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Interstellar Soul Travel through the Dimensions: The Perennial Power of Loving Intentions


 ~Love is the One thing we are capable of perceiving that Transcends Dimensions of Time & Space~

As thyn precious soul rests in futures time, one comes to consciously realize that we brought ourselves to this exact moment in time, being guided by subconscious subliminal signs, the bridge to the divine, co-creators that take quantum leaps through the bounds of time, quantum time travel that exists as supremely sublime, existing as infinite in space and time, a boundless being not confined by anything, interstellar communication through the dimensions, the unconscious creation of a celestial sacred space that discloses to thee the solace laden revelation, Ah that’s why ‘Im here” for love in its very essence can be quantified, for it is the key, for it gives underlying meaning to everything, in essence we code this love laden frequency, this divine data into each cosmic scene of interstellar interacting, the underlying theme, in the grand scheme of things, translating this timelessly transcendent love, like sunbeams, the most reverent revelation received, love as the explanation for our very reason for existing, our blessed reasoning for being.

Paving the way towards creating the dreamscapes we’ve all been silently envisioning, with love as the underlying stellar symphony, unified in an interstellar synchrony, incorporeally interlaced with infinity, ascending and transcending within the very fabric of eternity, for love giveth rise to a blessed life worth living, coalescing in a quantum unity, a heart warming cadence of love that is evermore conciliatory, basking in its ever endearing glory, an unremitting unfoldment of our sacred collective history, an antiquated holographic story, intending to become all that of which thy had been imploring, love as the reason we continue in unceasingly soaring, the sorrows of the world we continue in enduring, occasionally taking respite from the cares of the world evermore reassuring, yet we push forward simply because the very possibility of love is evermore rewarding.



Take a divine diversion through the portal of the worm whole, to a higher dimension

Guided by thy higher self, a subliminal conversation with thyn subconscious intentions

To those silent whispers my dear assure to pay ever so close attention


For they pave the way into parallel plane of reality towards an assured transcendent ascension

A Quantum Leap, Jumping the Timelines Towards all that of which thyn heart hath been inaudibly envisioning

A Journey Beyond, Divinely Directed By ones Deliciously Insentient Intuition

 thyn Future Self Placing thee in the time space reality for which thyn hath always been Unconsciously Intending


The ever enduring, ever endearing echo of a timeless love, existing as the highest vibrating frequency

 in this time space reality, the key to all thyn souls existential questioning,

an interstellar insight that shall graciously guide thee to thyn most desirably love laden destiny, both individually and collectively.


Dearest we exist as divine channels of love, the love that we exemplify and transmit in the here and now has the possibility of echoing out endlessly into the future planes of infinity, branching out ever so beautifully into multiple planes of reality, for you see, love is a multidimensional all encompassing force that eases our ever expansive soul, interconnecting us all back to divine source, to the union of the celestial collective whole, our destiny at stake whilst our free will under our complete control, the key is to break the mold, take responsibility to assure that the love that you embody is reflective of each and every choice that your blessed soul makes and in every chance that your gracious soul takes.

For there are interminable parallel planes of future lives ahead of us both individually and as a unified whole, assuring that love is the personification of our co-creations is the ultimate goal. For love is ultimately the one thing that we are capable of perceiving that transcends dimension of time and space, it is the quintessential reason for existence, the aspiration to ascend towards; love, love, and more love is universal, the role we play in this supremely sacred unfoldment is pivotal.

~Enlightened Empress

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